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Hiram Ebert Waldo death certificate ordered 8 July 2019

Will post to the website. has Hiram died 21 September 1929 in Sidney, Richland, Montana. The "Montana Death Index" an attached source. to him. It is only an index with no image of the death. We learn the following: Hiram Waldo, died 21 Sept 1929 in Richland County, Montana, male, age 63.
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Who Are These Seven Sister?

This picture was copy with a camera about July 5-8, 1984 in Spokane, Washington. The file was named "Seven Pennington Sister". Are they the seven of the nine daughters of William Marrion Pennington. Mary Effie (1877 -1912); Mosella Beatrice (1879-1963); Emily Elivira Emma (1881- 1975); Belle (1881 - 1975); Clara (1883-1956)
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