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Goda of England

Female - Bef 1056

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  • Name Goda of England 
    Gender Female 
    Died Bef 1056 
    Person ID I6312  Petersen-de Lanskoy
    Last Modified 27 May 2021 

    Father Æthelred II "the Unready",   d. 1016, London, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Mother Emma of Normandy 
    Family ID F2754  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Eustache II 
    Married Bef 1049 
    Last Modified 28 May 2021 
    Family ID F2639  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
      1. “Royal Ancestry: A Study in Colonial & Medieval Families,” Douglas Richardson (2013):
      “EUSTACHE II aux Grenons (Gernobadatus), Count of Boulogne, Count of Lens. He married (1st) before 1049 GODA OF ENGLAND, widow of Dreux, Count of Vexin (died 1035), and daughter of Aethelred II, King of England, by Emma, daughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy. Their issue, if any, is uncertain. In 1047 he and his brother, Count Lambert, and Count Baldwin V of Flanders were in attendance at the court of King Henry III of Germany, where they witnessed Henry's confirmation of a gift to St. Medard. Shortly afterwards both he and Count Baldwin V joined in the rebellion of Godfrey the Bearded, Duke of Lower Lorraine, who sought to reunite the duchies of Upper and Lower Lorraine under his control. In 1049 Pope Leo IX excommunicated Eustache at the Council of Reims for incest, he and his wife being related within the prohibited degrees, specifically in the 6th and 5th degrees of kindred by common descent from King Alfred the Great of England. He was involved in a serious incident with the citizens of Dover in 1051 during one of his English visits. In 1055 he and King Henry III witnessed Duke Godfrey the Bearded's foundation charter of Longliers Priory. His wife, Goda, died before 1056. He married (2nd) in 1057 [SAINT] IDA OF VERDUN, daughter of Godfrey I the Bearded, Count of Verdun, Duke of Upper Lorraine, 1044-47, Duke of Lower Lorraine (1065-1069), by his 1st wife, Doda. They had four sons, Eustache III [Count of Boulogne and Lens], Godfrey of Bouillon [Duke of Lower Lorraine, Defender or Advocate of the Holy Sepulchre], Baldwin (I) [Count of Edessa, King of Jerusalem], and William, and one daughter, Agnes. By an unidentified mistress (or mistresses), he also had two illegitimate sons, Geoffrey and Eustace (I) Garnier. In 1056 he witnessed a charter in favor of Saint-Bertin Abbey issued by Count Baldwin V of Flanders. He was a key participant in the Norman invasion of England in 1066. He witnessed a charter for William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, at Bayeux probably in 1066, and a writ for him in England after the Conquest dated 1067. While King William was in Normandy in 1067, Eustache allied himself with subversive elements in Kent and landed an invasion force at Dover. As a result, Eustache lost his English lands. Sometime before 1075, probably in 1071-74, he and King William were reconciled and renewed their friendship, after which Eustache's English lands were restored to him. At the Domesday survey in 1086 he was holding lands in eleven counties in England, the majority of which were in Essex. His wife, Ida, was holding lands in 1086 in Dorset, Somerset, and Surrey. EUSTACHE II, Count of Boulogne, died in or before 1088, when his son, Eustache, is styled "Eustachius juvenis, Bolniensis comes." In 1102 King Henry I confirmed to the canons of the priory of St. Wuknar in Boulogne the manor of Nutfield, Surrey, "at the prayer of Ida Countess of Boulogne, who held that manor from [King] William I." She died 13 August 1113.
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      Child of Eustace II of Boulogne, by Ida of Verdun:
      i. EUSTACHE III, Count of Boulogne and Lens. He married MARY OF SCOTLAND, daughter of Malcolm III (Ceannmor), King of Scots, by his 2"d wife, [Saint] Margaret, daughter of Edward Ætheling [see SCOTLAND 1 for her ancestry]. They had one daughter, Maud [Countess of Boulogne, Queen of England]. By an unknown mistress (or mistresses), he had three illegitimate sons, Raoul, Eustache, and Godfrey. In 1105 he founded the Priory of Rumilly-leComte, a cluniac house in the Pas de Calais, to which religious house he gave the advowsons of High Ongar, Little Laver, and Stanford Rivers, Essex. In 1107 he witnessed a charter for Richard de Rivers. In old age, he resigned the county of Boulogne to his son-in-law, Stephen, and became a monk at Rumilly-le-Comte Priory, where he was living in 1125. He was deceased sometime before 1142, when his son-in-law, King Stephen of England, granted land in the Boulonnais to Clairmarais Abbey "for the soul of count Eustace." Wharton Anglia Sacra (1691): 160 (Chronicon Sanctæ Crucis Edinburgensis sub A.D. 1115: "obiit Maria Comitissa de Bolonia secundo Kalendarum Junii [31 May]."). L'Art de Verifier les Dates 2 (1784): 760-767 (sub Comtes de Boulogne). Luard Annales Monastici 3 (Rolls Set. 36) (1866): 432 (Bermondsey Annals sub A.D. 1115: "Hoc anno obiit Maria comitissa Bolonix, soror Matildis reginx uxoris Henrici regis primi, xiv. kalendas Maii [28 April]."). Memoires de la Société académique de l'Affondissement de Boulogne-sur-Mer 5 (1873-1876): 83-88 (charter of Eustache III, Count of Boulogne dated 1121; charter names his father and his mother, Yde). Delisle Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France 11(1876): 205-206 (Ex Genealogia de qua ortus est Carolus Magnus); 374 (Genealogies ex Chronicis Hainoniensibus); 13 (1869): 425 (Historia Ghisnensium Comitum), 585 (Ex Genealogia Caroli Magni qua Namurcensium Comitum et Boloniens), 714 (Ex Chronico Saxonico). Lhomel Chartes inédites concernant les Abbeyes de Saint-Josse-sur-Mer et de Saint-Saulve de Montreuil (1888): 5 (charter of Eustache, Count of Boulogne dated 1120). Round Calendar of Documents Preserved in France 1 (1899): 492, 507. Scots Peerage 1 (1904): 1-2 (sub Kings of Scotland). Dunbar Scottish Kings (1906): 25-34. J.S. Steele 'Stagsden and its Manors' in Pubs. Bedfordshire Hist. Rec. Soc. 8 (1924): 1-12 (item re. Count Eustache, the Domesday tenant). Monumenta Germaniae Historica 9 (1925): 300-301. Sellers De Carpentier Allied Ancestry (1928): 185-187. VCH Essex 4 (1956): 182-185, 216-218. Parisse Noblesse Lorraine Xle-XIIIe s. 2 (1976): 846-847. Winter Descs. of Charlemagne (800-1400) (1987): Xl.223, XII.396- 1(II.397. Schwennicke Europaische Stammtafeln 3(4) (1989): 621 (sub Boulogne). Tock Chartes des Eveques d'Arras (1093-1203) (Coll. de Docs. inédits sur l'Histoire de France Section d'Histoire Medievale et de Philologie 20) (1991): 17-19, 32-36. Bearman Charters of the Redvers Fam. & the Earldom of Devon, 1090-1217 (Devon and Cornwall Rec. Soc. n.s. 37) (1994): 57-59. Fryde & Greenway Handbook of British Chronology (1996): 57. Harper-Bill Anglo-Norman Studies XXI (1999): 145-168. Taylor Ingelric, Count Eustace & the Foundation of St. Martin-le-Grand (Anglo-Norman Studies 24) (2002): 215-237. Tanner Fams., Friends, & Allies (2004): 290 (Boulogne ped.), 291 (chart), 300 (Ardenne-Verdun ped.), 313 (Scotland ped).
      Child of Eustache III of Boulogne, by Mary of Scotland:
      a. MAUD OF BOULOGNE, married STEPHEN, King of England, Duke of Normandy, Count of Boulogne and Mortain [see BRABANT 3].
      Illegitimate child of Eustache II of Boulogne, by unknown mistress:
      i. GEOFFREY OF BOULOGNE [see next]."