Robert Adair

Male - Aft 1812

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  • Name Robert Adair 
    Gender Male 
    Died Aft 20 Jan 1812  of, Laurens, South Carolina, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I3732  Petersen-de Lanskoy
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    Father Joseph Adair, Jr.,   b. 12 Apr 1735, of, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 20 Jan 1812, , Laurens, South Carolina, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 76 years) 
    Mother Elizabeth,   d. From 1808 to 1812, of Duncan Creek, Laurens, South Carolina, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married Bef 1757  of Laurens, South Carolina, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
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  • Notes 
      1. Jett Hanna [] provided me on 8 Jul 2005 with a copy of his analysis of the Brownlee manuscript as follows. It mirrors my own understanding; however, anything with which I disagree I note in [brackets]. Jett entitles his paper as "Laurens County Area Adair Family Trees." It is broken down by three families: James Adair who married Eleanor, his brother Joseph who married Sarah Laferty, and a William of whom absolutely nothing is known except just his name on the Williams Petition and that Brownlee notes he died 1780-84 and that his estate was administered 1784 per Abbe Wills, p. 10. Text quoted as follows:
      "This tree is based on Early Adairs of Laurens County, South Carolina, by Mildred Brownlee. This was provided to me by W. Lee Adair, who obtained it from the Laurens County Public Library. Handwritten notes show a date of 1990 on Brownlee's manuscript. I have not examined these deeds personally. In some cases, notes and questions below are my own additions. This analysis seems to discredit some of the trees in the Adair History and Genealogy, and adds significantly to what is know of the Laurens area Adairs. I have not fully finished analyzing this work, and may have left out parts that are not as critical to my work.
      "Based on this work, it appears very possible that the elder Joseph Adair (m. Sarah, m. Susannah) and his brother James (m. Eleanor) settled in Laurens County at the same time, as suggested by the Adair History and Genealogy. I do not believe, however, that this James was the author of the book on the Indians and reputed patriarch of the Cherokee Adairs. This James was a cooper (barrel maker) according to the deeds. Modern editions of the History of the American Indians suggest that the author James Adair was a direct immigrant to South Carolina, but with no concrete evidence.
      "The Williams Petition: In the tree, LCW is Laurens County Wills; LCD is Laurens County Deeds. Also mentioned is the Williams petition. This petition is a significant document in analyzing the Laurens County Adairs. Published in the South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. XV, No. 1 1987, p. 32-33, the original is #5767, Manuscript Department, Wm. Perkins Library at Duke University. The petition is in support of Colonel James Williams, a militia leader of the Patriots in the Laurens area (Little River Regiment). The petition, signed by members of the Little River Regiment, is directed to the Governor of South Carolina and the Privy Counsel, and attests to Williams' devotion to the Patriot cause. Williams led militia in a number of battles. I suspect that this petition was provided prior to Williams' elevation to the rank of Brigadier General following the Battle of Musgrove Mill, which was fought in what is now Laurens County. Williams had been accused of puffing his role in the battle. Williams went on to die at Kings Mountain - one of the few Patriot casualties that day on October 7, 1780. Williams had run for the South Carolina legislature as a Patriot in 1778, only to lose to Robert Cunningham, the infamous Loyalist leader. For more on Williams, see Draper, "Kings Mountain and Its Heroes," (Cincinnati, 1883). Signers of the Williams petition include the following Adairs: Isaac Adair, Jms. Adair, James Adair, Sr., Joseph Adair, Jr., Joseph Adair, Benjamin Adair, Joseph Adair, Sr., James Adair, Jr, son of James, William Adair, John Adair, and John Adair, Sr., and Alexander Adair. Comparing deed and will records to the names, Brownlee identifies the Adair signers [copies Brownlee's explanations]. Brownlee's identifications look very logical to me.
      "The Laurens County Adair Tree:
      2. Joseph Adair m. Sarah Lafferty, m. Susannah Long: 250a land grant, present site of Duncan Creek Presbyterian Church. Was sold 1778 to Benjamin Adair LCD A/189, 1778). Release by wife??? Will in LCW A-1/19, dated 1788, other info says death 1801. Joseph 414(5) 1790 Census?
      2.1 Joseph Adair m. Elizabeth - Joseph's son named in father's will. His will LCW D-1/104; Bundle 65, Pkg. 10, proven 1/14/1813.
      2.1.1 John m. Jane Jones: John named as son in father's will.
      2.1.2 James m. Rebecca: James named as son in father's will.
      2.1.3 Robert: Robert named as son in father's will.
      2.1.4 Elisha m Elizabeth (Betsy) Reese?: Elisha named as son in father's will. Joseph: Named as grandson in grandfather's will Washington Isaac Thomas R. m. Jane Blakely Allen Richmond Matilda
      2.1.5 Elizabeth m. George Davis: Elizabeth named as daughter in father's will. Husband's name in will is John Huston. Mary Davis m. Robert Cunningham Hanna Hannah Davis m. Robert McCord George Davis
      m. John Huston Joseph Hughston Elisha Hughston Nancy/Agnes Hughston m. James Wilson
      2.1.6 Jean m. Thomas Holland: Jean named as daughter in father's will. Husband's name is in will. Thomas Holland 101 1790 Census?
      2.1.7 Cassy m. Thomas McCrary: Cassy named as daughter in father's will. Husband's name is in will.
      2.1.8 Charity m. ___ Farmer: Charity named as daughter in father's will. Husband's name in will is David Little. Mary Farmer: stepdaughter mentioned in will of David Little.
      m. David Little David Little Elizabeth Little Joseph Little James Little Jane Little John Little Nancy Little Thomas E. Little Holland Little
      2.2 James Adair m. Rebecca Montgomery: James named as son in father's will. 110a from Nathaniel Hillen, 144a granted to him directly. POA to brother Benjamin in Book G, Pg. 666. Does POA mention Rebecca? Or dower releases? Deeds LCW J/161-162, A/308. J/161 is sale to sons of James Sr. -Joseph and George R. James 327 1790 Census? If 13 children, only 10 in this census.
      2.2.1 Joseph Adair: LCW J/160 sells interest to brother George R.
      2.2.2 George R. Adair m. Rachel Musgrove: George named in deed from brother Joseph.
      (From Indiana Data according to Brownlee:)
      2.2.3 Margaret Jane Adair m. John Ewing
      2.2.4 Rebecca Adair m. James Remy
      2.2.5 John Adair
      2.2.6 Jane Adair m. ___Eads
      2.2.7 Isaac Adair m. Jane Holland
      2.2.8 Lucretia Adair m. John Wildridge
      2.2.9 James Adair
      2.3 Benjamin Adair m. Nancy (George?): Benjamin named as son in father's will. Benjamin's will Box 1, Pkg 1. I have seen another cite for will. Benjamin 133 1790 Census. Only 3 of 5 sons accounted for, 2 of 4 daughters. Children below in his will.
      2.3.1 Zadock
      2.3.2 William
      2.3.3 John
      2.3.4 d m. James Jamieson
      2.3.5 d m. Samuel Bowie
      2.3.6 Isaac
      2.3.7 Benjamin
      2.3.8 Margaret
      2.3.9 d m. William Craig
      2.4 Jean/Jane Adair m. Ramage
      2.5 John Adair m. Sarah Adair (son of Joseph???). Died in Revolution. Note: Sarah named in Joseph's will. Might have been daughter in law, wife of the deceased son John. [Jett places John as a son of Joseph Sr. whereas Brownlee makes a case for him being a possible son of either Joseph or his brother James.]
      2.5.1 Benjamin Adair, Jr.
      2.5.2 Joseph Adair
      2.5.3 Martha Adair
      2.5.4 Hezekiah Adair
      2.5.5 Isaac Adair

      2. "The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research," vol. 4, pp. 103-106, contains the 1829 Census of Laurens District. It notes: "This is one of three state census records extant before 1850, the other two being Fairfield (1829) and Kershaw (1839) Districts." It was a census of all the free white inhabitants. Included in the census are the following Adairs and Browns, most of which I am not familiar since the Adairs and Browns I follow in my database generally left the District in the first decade of the 1800s. The number stands for the number in the family.
      Pg. 1:
      Adair, Robert, 2
      Adair, James, 9
      Adair, Benjamin, 9
      Adair, Robert, 9
      Adair, John, 5
      Adair, Thomas, 7
      Pg 3:
      Brown, Joseph, 11
      Brown, Samuel Revd., 6
      Brown, Anderson, 3
      Brown, Harlin, 8
      Brown, Omy, 2
      Brown, Susan, 1
      Pg. 4:
      Brown, Bexy, 7
      Brown, Samuel, 4
      Brown, Benjamin, 7
      Brown, James, 5

      3. I am not sure if this is the same Robert or not, but it is very likely the same: "South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research," "Laurens District Coroner's Inquisitions 1802-1865":
      Vol. 27, pp. 163-164: "Infant of Martha McConathy. Inquest on view of the body [of] an Infant found dead. 1838. Laurens District - An Inquest by the request of Samuel Mcconathy and Isabella Mcconathy Indented and taken at the house of Joseph Mcconathy in the district of Laurens on the 16th day of January 1838... of the dead body of a certain mail Bastard child... upon the oaths of B.B. Gains, James Little, Robert Adair, W. Braddock, Baxter Ray, Job Johnson, Henry Mckelvey, F. Braddock, J. Little, Thomas Holland, J. Finney, Wolf Benjamin... that said child came to its death either by being smother'd or for the want of that attention which was nessesary to sustain life... Martha McConathy was the principle in the crime and that Isabelah McCaonathy Accessary to it... [Appears the baby was colored and the mother killed it with the coroner noting:] was an ugly affair it might be worse and not to attemmpt to cover a less crime with a greater or a fair blacker one..."
      Vol. 28, p. 105: "No constable being near, and the late hour in which the dead body was found being dead some hours and from the great heat, smelled very disagreeable; made the Justice Issue his Warrant... Robert Long J.Q. Laurens District - At an inquisi[t]ion taking at Samuel Fergusons Sen the District of Laurens afforesaid the 21st day of July in the year 1839 before me Robert Long Esq. one of the Justices of the Quorum for the district afforesaid Uppon the view of the bodie of Samuel Ferguson Sen... upon the oaths of Thomas Wier, John Finnay Joseph Ramage, James Adair, Thos Potter, Robt Owens, Doct. James McElroy, Turner Ferguson, Henry McElvey, Thos. Ferguson, Madison Ferguson, Robert Adair, Edmond Adair & Henry Adair... Came to his death by Intemperance in the use of sprities liquors..."

      4. From the book "Robert Adair (1770-1845c)-An Adair Family History," by Shirley Brown Adair, 309 Dartbrook, Rockwall, TX, 75087, 214-771-2662, 1995. She tries to make the case for the subject of her book, Robert Adair, as the probable son of Joseph Adair, Jr., who indeed did have a son named Robert. Whether this is the same Robert or not remains to be proven. Her comments:
      "Robert Adair (probable son of Joseph Adair, Jr.) is our focus as we search for connections to this early South Carolina family. Robert Adair, born about 1770 in SC, married 10 May 1800, Green Co., Georgia [she includes photocopy of record]; Robert was named on 1811 Morgan Co., GA documents involving brother John, and settled from c1830-45 in Tennessee and died in Mississippi.
      Dr. J.B. Adair wrote in 1924 that Robert Adair (Joseph's son) was a bachelor school teacher who settled in Bedford Co., Tenn. One of his pupils was Isham G. Harris (b. 1818c) who became a Confederate General and US Senator from Tennessee. [Kerry's note: I believe that the quote from J.B. Adair mentions Robert in 1800 [blurry, could be 1806] as settled in Bedford Co., Tenn., and teaching school with Isham G. Harris was one of his pupils. It would appear that Isham was not even born at that early date and that either the circumstance is false or the date of Robert being in Tennessee was much later.]
      No Adairs were found in Bedford Co., Tenn., between 1820-1840. However, adjoining Franklin Co., Tenn., 1830 census, yielded a Robert Adair (age 50-60), another male (age 15-20), 3 young females and a female age 40-50. [She states that "that this is our subject Adair family.] Additional research in Tennessee history and census records indicates that the Harris family (mention by Dr. Adair) was also in Franklin Count in 1820, moving to western Tenn. (Madison Co.) by 1830 and then to Shelby Co. (Memphis) in the Civil War era.
      Robert Adair married Babsy Reid in 1800, Greene County, GA. Few Adair references exist 1800-1820, Greene County, GA:
      A. Greene Co., Georgia Records:
      a. "Benjamin Adair, planter of Laurens Co., SC. (Jos. Adair, Jr.'s brother) sold 322 acres in Oconee River to Henry Allison, Esq. on 31 Mar 1790. [Kerry's comment: I don't see how the author can be certain of the relationship from just this land transaction, but I certainly cannot rule it out.]
      b. John Adair sold (15 Sep 1801) 120 acres on waters of Greenbrier (Joseph Hughey's land) to Edward Daniel.
      c. Robert F. Adair participated in 1805 land lottery, Stewart District.
      d. Robert F. Adair wit. deed 14 mar 1807 James Adair, Sr., to son James Adair (Laurens Co., SC). [Kerry's note: I don't know why author included this one under Greene Co., GA when it has nothing to connect it to the Georgian county.]
      B. Morgan Co., Georgia Records:
      a. Robert F. and John Adair on 22 July 1811 promised to pay William Wilkins; Wilkins sued for payment.
      b. Jane Adair obtained letter of administration, 3 may 1813, for John Adair's estate. Brother Elisha Adair in Laurens Co., SC was estate executor.
      c. Farmer, John, William Adair (John Adair and Jane Fisher's children) were in 1817 Morgan Co., lottery.
      C. Franklin Co., Tenn. Records.
      a. Robert Adair's daughter Julia was born c1812 in Tennessee. Robert Adair was not on the 1820 Franklin Co. tax records. No census records are available before 1830 for Franklin Co.
      1. 31 Aug 1832-County Court-deed of conveyance from John W. Williams to John W. Holder for two tracts of land. Proven by oaths of Robert Adair and Hugh Montgomery.
      2. 1837-Robert and Elisha Adair, land entry on Bradley Creek (Shelbyville), White Co., Tenn.
      3. 29 May 1839-Tenn. land grant #6723 for 1806 acres to Robert and Elisha G. Adair (adj. Coffee Co.).
      b. Although at least three of Robert Adair's children were married in Tenn., only Mary B. Adair's marriage to Jonathan Ellis in Franklin Co., Tenn. has been located. In 1830, Robert's oldest son, Sebrem Scott Adair was married and living in Henderson Co., Tenn. Sebrem's brother, William Elbert Adair, was in Sebrem's home.
      c. Robert Adair's family migrated about 1845 from Franklin Co., Tenn. to Tishmingo Co., Mississippi. His married daughter Mary Belle Adair Ellis and sons Sebrem Scott, William Elbert, and Elisha Garland Adair are found in Tish. Co., MS 1850 census.
      D. Robert Adair's children in Mississippi.
      a. Sybil Adair, descendant of Elisha Garland Adair (1810-1885), wrote a letter to the author in 1976: 'My father, Lesley Quitman Adair (age 85), is a son of Issac Green, who was a son of Elisha Garland, who was a son of Robert Adair.'
      b. Between 1840 and 1850 Elisha and his family moved to Mississippi and his father (Robert Adair) came with him. While they were still living in the covered wagon before they built their home, Robert took sick and died. He is buried in an old cemetery in Tippah County.
      c. When Elisha Adair married (1858 in Tish. Co., Miss.), S.S. (Sebrem Scott) Adair is listed on the license as a witness. Sybil further wrote that "Older members of the family remember their parents speaking of Uncle Sebern." Elisha G., William E., Sebrem, and sister Mary Adair Ellis all lived near each other in the 1850-1870s in Mississippi, giving additional credibility to they being Robert Adair's children.
      d. Sometime after the 1870 census, Sebrem's son Robert W. Adair's family moved to Covington, Tipton County, Tenn. They moved again before 1878 (when James Emerson's son Willard was born) to Texas. Robert William and James Emerson Adair are both found in Johnson Co., TX in 1880. James Emerson's children moved to Hunt County about 1890. In 1900 one of Elisha Garland Adair's children (John B. Adair) was also in Hunt Co. TX.
      e. Although several of Robert W. Adair's children went north to Indian Territory along the Red River before 1900, Robert W. Adair and his wife are listed with son James T. Adair and wife Lillie (married 5 years) and daughter Robbie T. at Grandview, Johnson Co., TX in 1900. (Ed 64, Sht. 8, Pct. 5)."

      5. From's "Blacks Found in the Deeds of Laurens & Newberry Counties,XC: 1785-1827" is found Roger Brown as Justice of the Peace from 1792 through 1799. Some of the transactions involved Adairs as follows. I am not sure exactly which Adair family since the names were so repetitive among cousins, but I believe the most likely candidate is Joseph Adair who had the sons John, Robert, and James:
      "Deed Book D: 155. April 17, 1792. Bill of Sale. James Flin, of Laurens County, South Carolina in consideration of the sum of ₤120 Sterling have sold unto John Doyal, a negro woman named Sela, about 35 or 36 years of age, country born. Also one negro girl named Tabbey about 10 or 11 years of age, also one other negro girl child named Willey about 7 years of age and one other negro child named Dicey about 2 years old all three the children of said Sela. James (mark) Finn, Wit. Robert Adair, James Adair. Proved by Robert Adair 11 May 1792 before Roger Brown. J.P. Recorded May 15, 1792."
      "Deed Book E:370. February 12, 1795. bill of Sale. I Patrick O'Bryant, planter, of Laurens County, South Carolina in consideration of the sum of ₤60 Sterling paid by Joseph Adair of the County and State aforesaid sell one Negroes Wench named Poll ages about 40 years old, one Negroes boy named Jacob, One grey horse, one black mare, and one bay cold mare, three cows, one black, one spotted, one red and 3 calves... 12 February 1795. Signed Patrick (O) O'Bryant. Wit. John Adair, James Adair. Proved by John Adair 14 Feb. 1795 before Roger Brown, Justice of said County. Recorded February 18, 1795."
      "Deed Book F: 184. December 15, 1796. Bill of Sale. Joseph Adair and Thomas Hughey, both of Laurens County, South Carolina, planters, to Bryant Leek, of the same place in consideration of the sum of $152, sell one negro boy named Jacob to said Bryant Leek. Joseph Adair, Thomas Hughey. Wit. Robert Adair. William Saxon. Proved by William Saxon 4 January 1797 before Roger Brown, J.P. Recorded February 21, 1797."
      "Deed Book F: 431. September 1, 1798. Bill of Sale. Thomas Gary, of Laurens County, South Carolina in consideration of the sum of $00?? have sold to James Adair for, of the same place, two negroes, one woman name Cynthia and the other a negro girl named Jemina. Thomas Gary, L.S. Wit. J.P. Williams, David Mason. Proved by David Mason. 19 February 1799 before Roger Brown, J.P."

      6. Typescript "Early Adairs of Laurens County, South Carolina." Compiled by Mildred Brownlee; Source Records: Wills; Intestate Estates; Deeds; Court Records; Cemetery Inscriptions. Some dates of birth and death obtained from Lineage Charts. Dates of birth and death subject to correction. Spelling of names subject to correction. [Note that bracketed comments are later additions by other reviewers including myself - Kerry Petersen.]
      A. "Recorded in Will Book D-l, Page 104, Bundle 65, pkg. 10. Proven January 14, 1813. David Anderson Ordy. Will of Joseph Adair:
      "State of South Carolina Laurens District. In the name of God, Amen. Know all men by those presents that I Joseph Adair of tho same State and District are now in good health and in my natural senses at this date and time make this my last will and testament. At my death I bequeath my body to tho tomb, my soul to the almighty God, my maker and created and Jesus Christ my redeemer. Likewise I give and bequeath unto John Adair my son all the land that I layed off for him, that Richard Hollen and John Frier now lives on and one Negro woman named Jude. Likewise, I give and bequeath unto my son James Adair all that part of a tract of land he now lives on lying on the South Side of Little Dunkins Creek bounded on land of Thomas McCrary, Alexander Wilkerson, Elisha Adair and one Negro man named Duke. Likewise, I give and bequeath unto my son Robert Adair the money that he did receive from Alexander Wilkerson for a tract of land made over by me and my son Elisha Adair to said Wilkerson and one Negro girl named Tamer. Likewise I give and bequeath to my son Elisha Adair all that part of land I now live on containing three hundred and seventy five acres more or less, resurvayed by John A. Elmore one Negro boy named Morris, one new waggon and all her harness. Likewise, I give and bequeath unto my grandson Joseph Adair, son of Elisha Adair, one set of silver coat buttons, and one set of silver breeches buttons to my son Robert Adair. I likewise, give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth and her husband John Huston, one Negro girl named Clartis to be thern during there natural life, and at their death to be equally divided among all Elizabeth Huston's children of her natural body. Likewise, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Jean, wife of Thomas Holland. one Negro girl named Dice. Likewise, I give unto my daughter Cassy, wife of Thomas McCrary one Negro woman named Lid. Likewise, I give and bequeath, unto Charity, wife of David Little, one Negro woman named Sarah and all the rest of my perishable property to be equally divided among my eight children of my natural body. I hereby set my hand and seal this 20th of January, 1812. It being the thirty sixth and thirty seventh years of American Independency. And l do here appoint Elisha Adair and John Adair my Executors.
      Joseph Adair (Seal)
      Witness present: Richard Holland, William Adair, George McCrary
      Recorded in Will Book D-1, Page 105. Recorded date not available. Proven Jan, 15, 1813. David Anderson Ordy."
      B. "Robert Adair - "to son, Robert Adair, the money he received from Alexander Wilkerson for a tract of land made over by me and my son Elisha Adair to said Walkerton; also a Negro girl Tammer; also one set of silver breaches buttons." Nothing further of Robert Adair. In 1823 Elisha Adair owned a slave Tamer. Same Tammer?"

      1. Shirley Brown Adair, 309 Dartbrook, Rockwell, Texas 75087, 214-771-2662, in her book "Robert Adair (1770-1845c) – An Adair Family History," FHL book 929.273AdHas, notes "Robert Adair (1770-1845) m. Babsy Reed (Read, Reid)." No documentation is given for this.