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Henry Graybill

Male Abt 1780 - Bef 1842  (~ 62 years)

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  • Name Henry Graybill 
    Born Abt 1780  Rural Retreat, Wythe, Virginia, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Bef 8 Feb 1842  of, Ashe, North Carolina, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I3642  Petersen-de Lanskoy
    Last Modified 9 Oct 2015 

    Father John Peter Graybill,   b. 3 Oct 1762, York, York, Pennsylvania, United States Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 11 May 1842, , Jackson, Ohio, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 79 years) 
    Mother Christina or Christena or Christiana Wampler,   b. Abt 1753, Lebanon Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 10 Oct 1844, , Jackson, Ohio, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 91 years) 
    Married Abt 1779  , Frederick, Maryland, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F248  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Celia Henson,   b. Abt 1783, , Wilkes, North Carolina, United States Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1867, , , Tennessee, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 84 years) 
    Married 1798  , Wilkes (now Ashe), North Carolina, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Last Modified 22 Oct 2015 
    Family ID F1566  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
      1. Censuses:
      1800 US: Ashe County, North Carolina. The total population for Ashe County, North Carolina in 1800 was 2785, including slaves. The 1800 Ashe County Census was the first for the northwestern most county in the Tar Heel State. This county was formed in late 1799 and included all of Wilkes County west of the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountain. The 977 square miles that then composed Ashe County has been further divided, first in 1849 to form Watauga County, North Carolina and again 10 years later to form Alleghany County. This record includes families who may have been living in those areas at the time. The original census was in rough alphabetic order, and this does not facilitate the research of particular communities. I include all interrelated families of this time and place to better show relationships. A word of explanation on some of these families:
      A. Mary and Barbara Burkett who married Peter and David Graybeal, had a father named Christian - unsure as to which is correct of the two.
      B. Elizabeth Eller appears to be Elizabeth Dick, the wife of Peter Eller who had just died per his probate of 1799.The one daughter is probably Mary; unsure who the two boys are since there should be three: Jacob, Henry, and George. John Eller would be Elizabeth's eldest son and married to Susannah Kerns.
      C. Henry Graybeal would have recently married Celia Henson and also the eldest son of [John] Peter and Christina [Wampler] Graybill who also appear to be in this same census. Note that Peter evidently had owned slaves at that time - the census does not say how many.
      D. One of the William Hensons could be somehow related to William Henson who marries Nancy Graybill and to Celia Henson who marries Henry Graybeal.
      E. The two Koons are probably brothers and are sons of Devault Koon judging from their ages. This would make them uncles to George Koons who eventually marries Mary Eller.
      F. James Lewis, b. abt. 1790, marries Christena Graybill in 1807 - there may be a connection with these two James Lewis.
      G. William Pennington marries Barbara (or Elizabeth) Eller and may be the younger of the two here listed.
      H. Michael Stucker is a misspelling for Michael and Catherine Eller Stoker with their three oldest children: Polly, David, and Elizabeth.
      Head of Family; Males 0-9, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45+; Females - 0-9, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45+:
      Burkett, Christian; 1-2-0-1-0; 1-0-2-0-0
      Burkett, Christian; 4-1-0-1-0; 1-0-1-0-0
      Eller, Elizabeth; 1-0-1-0-0; 0-0-1-0-1
      Eller, John; 3-0-0-1-0; 1-0-0-1-0
      Graybeal, Henry; 0-0-1-0-0; 2-0-1-0-0
      Graybeal, Peter; 2-1-1-0-1; 3-1-0-0-1
      Henson, William; 0-1-1-0-0; 2-0-1-0-0
      Henson, William; 3-0-0-0-1; 1-1-1-0-0
      Koons, George; 0-0-1-0-1; 0-0-0-0-1
      Koons, John; 0-0-1-0-1; 0-1-2-0-1
      Lewis, James; 2-2-1-0-1; 4-1-0-0-1
      Lewis, James, Jr.; 1-0-1-0-0; 1-0-1-0-0
      Pennington, William; 0-1-0-1-0; 1-2-1-0-1
      Pennington, William; 0-0-1-0-0; 0-0-1-0-0
      Stucker, Michael; 1-0-0-1-0; 2-0-0-1-0

      1810 US: Ashe County, North Carolina; I include several related families in my database for this time and place. Some notes:
      A. One of the two William Penningtons is married to an Eller - I assume it is the one with a younger wife.
      B. One of the two Christian Burketts is probably the parent of Barbara and Mary who married Graybeal brothers.
      C. James Lewis married Christina Graybill.
      D. The older Peter Graybill would be John Peter and Christina Wampler Graybill. The other Peter and Henry would be their sons.
      E. Adam Wilker could be Adam Welker, father of James Welker who later marries Elizabeth Stoker.
      F. Surprisingly there is no Michael Stoker who should be there unless in adjoining county.
      G. One of the two George Koons should be the George Koons of this database.
      H. Not sure why two J. Ellers unless the transcriber inadvertently named the "J." as both Jacob when in fact the older one is John. Peter Eller would be a brother.
      I. The older Peter Graybill would be John Peter Graybill, father of the other two Graybills: Henry and Peter [Jr.].
      Head of Family; Males 0-9, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45+; Females - 0-9, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45+; Slaves:
      Pennington, W. (William); 1-0-1-0-0; 2-0-1-0-0
      Bourket C. (Christian); 2-2-2-0-1; 5-1-1-1-0
      Wilker, A. (Adam); 0-1-2-0-1; 0-1-0-0-1
      Graybill, H. (Henry); 3-0-0-1-0; 2-0-1-0-0
      Lewis, J. (James); 1-0-1-0-0; 1-0-1-0-0
      Graybill, P. (Peter); 0-1-0-1-0; 0-1-0-0-1
      Graybeal, P. (Peter); 1-0-1-0-0; 1-0-1-0-0
      Graybill, H.; 2-0-1-0-0; 3-0-0-1-0
      Koons, G. (George); 2-0-0-1-0; 2-0-0-1-0
      Pennington, W. (Wm); 2-0-1-0-0; 2-0-0-0-1
      Eller, P. (Peter); 3-0-0-1-0; 2-0-0-1-0
      Eller, J. (Jacob); 2-3-1-0-0; 2-0-0-1-0
      Burket, C. (Christian); 4-1-0-0-1; 0-1-0-0-1
      Koontz, G. (George); 1-0-0-1-0; 2-0-1-0-1; 3
      Eller, J. (Jacob [John?]); 2-0-0-1-0; 1-0-1-0-0

      1815: The following names are rom the website accessed 20 Dec 2008: "Ashe Co., NC, 1815 Tax List" (The oldest surviving Ashe Co. tax list. The original is in the NC Archives in Raleigh.)
      Every Name Index Alphabetized by Sandra Lake Lassen, October 1996 1499 Lakeside Drive, West Jefferson, NC 28694 Page numbers coincide with typed, unalphabetized version by Mrs. W. O Absher & Mrs. W. C. Sidden (undated) donated to the Ashe Co. Public Library."
      I mark my ancestors and their siblings with an asterisk (*). It is apparent that many had migrated to Ohio by the time this tax list was made in 1815. Noticeably absent are the Stokers and many of the Graybills. Other names are surnames in the area of other related families:
      Burkett, John 16
      Eller, Henry* 5
      Eller, Jacob* 4
      Eller, Peter* 10
      Faw, Jacob 16
      Graybeal (Graybel), David* 4
      Graybeal, Eli 4
      Graybeal, Henry* 2
      Graybeal, Peter* 16
      Henson, Nancy 2
      Koons, Devault 3
      Koons, Gaspar 2
      Koons, George* 3
      Koons, John 3
      Koonts, Geo.* 17
      Kounts, Mary* 17
      Penington, Aaron 10
      Penington, Ephrom 9
      Penington, Levi 5, 9
      Penington, William 10
      Pennington, Micajah 1
      Welker, David 2

      1820 US: Ashe County, North Carolina, 19 pages as the follow related families:
      Henry Eller, 1,0,0,1,0,0//2,0,0,1,0,0,1.
      Jacob Eller, 2,1,0,0,1,0//4,1,0,1,0,0,1.
      David Graybeal, 3,0,0,1,0,0//0,0,1,0,0,0,1.
      Henry Graybeal, 3[or 5],1,0,0,1,0//2,2,0,1,0,0,1.
      Peter Graybeal, 3,1,0,0,1,0//2,0,1,0,0,0,0,
      George Koons, 1,1,0,0,1,0//2,2,1,0,1,0,1.
      No Hensons.
      No William Penningtons.
      No Stokers.
      No apparent Shaws - an area with possible Shaws is very light copy and hard to read; the two that could be Shaws [or something else] look like first names Nathan and Gabriel as heads of households.

      1830 US: Ashe County, North Carolina, entire county search for related families found the following:
      Henry Eller, p. 26a, males 0-5:2; 5-10:2; 15-20:1; 40-50:1//females 10-15:2; 30-40:1.
      David Graybeal, p. 26a, males 0-5:2; 5-10:2; 10-15:1; 30-40:1//females 0-5:1; 5-10:1; 30-40:1.
      Henry Graybeal, p. 34a, males 5-10:1; 10-15:1; 15-20:1; 20-30:1; 50-60:1//females 0-5:1; 5-10:1; 20-30:1; 40-50:1.
      Peter Graybeal, p. 39a, males 10-15:2; 20-30:1; 40-50:1//0-5:1; 20-30:1; 40-50:1.
      No William Hensons, Penningtons, Stokers, nor Shaws.

      1850 US: Not in Ashe County, NC.

      2. Per website <>: Ashe County, North Carolina Land Grants 1799-1936, filed in NC Secretary of State Land Office from NC Department of Archives Index. [To obtain copies from NC Dept. of Archives see]. The following is by NC Dept. of Archives reference file number, name, then dates [no other explanation given except that first date may be when the transaction occurred and the second date could be when registered]: - 889 - David Graybell - 1811 - 1812 - 1381 - Peter Graybeil - 1825 - 1827 - 1386 - Peter Graybeal and Christian Burket - 1825 - 1827 - 1592 - David Graybeal - 1827 - 1829 - 1593 - David Graybeal - 1828 - 1829 - Henry Graybeal - 1816 - 1828 - 1831 - Henry Graybeal - 1844 - 1830 - 1833 - 1965 - Peter Graybeal - 1832 - 1834 - 1990 - David Graybeal - 1832 - 1834 - 1991 - David Graybeal - 1832 - 1834 - 1992 - David Graybeal - 1832 - 1834 - 2325 - David Graybeal - 1836 - 1838 - 2326 - David Graybeal - 1836 - 1838 - 2399 - John Graybeal - 1834 - 1837 - 2515 - Henry Graybeal and Jeremiah Osburn - 1836 - 1838 - 2710 - John Graybeal - 1828 - 1840 - 2764 - David Graybeal - 1839 - 1840 - 2765 - David Graybill - 1838 - 1840
      312.14.28.3407 - 3395 - John Graybeal - 1844 - 1846
      312.14.28.3408 - 3396 - David Graybeal - 1845 - 1846
      312.14.28.3668 - 3654 - David Graybeal - 1847 - 1849
      312.14.28.3675 - 3661 - David Graybeal - 1849
      312.14.28.3915 - 3900 - David Graybeal - 1847 - 1848
      312.14.28.3916 - 3901 - David Graybeal - 1847 - 1848
      312.14.28.3917 - 3902 - John Graybeal - 1847 - 1848
      412.14.28.4225 - 4258 - David Graybeal - 1850 - 1852
      412.14.28.4226 - 4259 - David Graybeal - 1852
      412.14.28.4256 - 4289 - David Graybeal - 1849 - 1852
      412.14.28.4618 - 4651 - David Graybeal - 1855
      412.14.28.4728 - 4761 - David Graybeal - 1855 - 1856
      512.14.28.5012 - 5043 - David Graybeal - 1871 - 1873

      3. Per website "Ashe County, North Carolina - 1815 Tax List. Ashe County, North Carolina was formed in 1799 from Wilkes County. From 1799 until 1859, Ashe County included the most of the land now included in Alleghany and Watauga Counties, and part of what is now Avery County, North Carolina. In 1815, Ashe County was bounded by Carter County, Tennessee on the west, Grayson County, Virginia on the north, by Surry and Wilkes Counties on the east and Burke County, North Carolina on the South. This list was abstracted and totals were combined for brevity for individuals with multiple tracts of land. I abstracted this document years ago and omitted portions that I wish I hadn't now. Don't take it as absolutely accurate. Five categories are given: Name, number of acres of land, valuation in dollars, polls, and local situation or name of neighbors. I added the number of tracts of land in the consolidation process." [He did not get the parts of Ashe County that are now part of Alleghany and Watauga Counties. Also no Stokers found.]:
      Henson, Nancy 100, 50, -, Long Branch, 1 [Nancy Mary Graybill?]
      Graybeal, Henry 200, 255, 1, Laurel Fork, 3
      Koons, Gasper 150, 150, 1, Charles Francis, 1
      Koons, George 205, 200, 1, North Fork, 1
      Koons, John 90, 130, 1, North Fork, 1
      Koons, Devault 150, 200, 1, North Fork, 1
      Graybeal, David 350, 212, 1, Old Field Creek, 2
      Eller, Jacob 300, 200, 1, Horse Creek, 2
      Eller, Henry 250, 200, 1, M. Carpenter, 1
      Eller, Peter 215, 320, 1, 1
      Pennington, William 103, 150, 1, 1
      Burket, Chris. 1260, 1800, 1, Buffalo [Father of the two Burkett girls who md. Graybills.]
      Judd, John 196, 250, -, Pine Swamp [Father of Margaret Judd?]
      Koonts, Mary 340, 600, 3, S.F. New River [Mary Eller?]
      Koonts, Geo. 250, 150, 1, Pond Mountain

      4. The book "The Brethren in the New Nation, A Source Book on the Development of the Church of the Brethren, 1785-1865," compiled by Roger E. Sappington and printed by the Brethren Press, Elgin, IL, FHL 973 Kzch gives background on the Dunker or the Brethren religious movement and some family ancestors as follows:
      Pp. 10-11: "The Brethren, frequently known as the Dunkers (from the German, tunken, to dip) from their pattern of baptizing adult believers by three separate complete immersions forward. They are distinctly different from other groups which use the term Brethren, including the Moravians, the Plymouth Brethren, the United Brethren, and the Brethren in Christ or River Brethren. In 1836 they became known officially as the Fraternity of German Baptists, which was changed in 1871 to German Baptist Brethren and in 1908 to the Church of the Brethren... these Brethren had been organized in Germany in 1708 under the leadership of Alexander Mack, a young German miller. They were influenced by the Pietistic movement of the late 17th and early 18th centuries and by the earlier Anabaptist movement, which was currently represented in Germany by the group known as Mennonites. Beginning in 1719 and for about the next fifteen years almost all of the Brethren emigrated to America, landing in William Penn's city of Philadelphia. From that port they moved west and south, primarily into the mountain valleys of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and the Carolinas, all of which had settlements of Brethren before 1785. They shared the German fame for agricultural skill, generally settling on limestone soil and building large bank barns to take care of their livestock. The Germans developed the Conestoga (from a stream in Pennsylvania) workhorse and the Conestoga wagon (the famed covered wagon of the American frontier)... [Information on the Brethren from] 1785 to 1865 is very limited, which was evidently the way the Brethren intended it to be... at present, a fixed principle with them, to make no communication; and that they feel hurt when interrogated respecting their society. Indeed, they have always been shy of the English, and suspicious of encroachment and exposure... [It has been observed that they] altogether neglect any records of their proceedings, and are opposed even to publishing their numbers, lest it should seem to savor of pride..."
      P. 15: "During the years from 1785 to 1865... [the] Brethren were engaged [in emigrating] from their homes in the Atlantic seaboard states to the new territory of the U.S. that was being opened to settlement on the west side of the Appalachian Mountains... [due to] the dissatisfaction with one's status in the present location and the call to move to new areas because 'the grass might be greener...'
      P. 17, 26-29: "North Carolina. Although there were Brethren living in in North Carolina at least as early as the 1740's and 1750's... none of these settlements became the basis of a permanent Brethren congregation. They usually came to an end as the result of the loss of leadership, either by death or by emigration. By the end of the 18th century, however, Brethren had established settlements in two areas which would survive across the years and become permanent congregations. The older of these settlements probably began in the 1770's in an area south of the present-day city of Winston-Salem. The Moravians had purchased a large piece of property on which they established several different communities, including Salem... In addition to the Brethren settlement known as the Fraternity congregation which developed on the south side of the Moravian territory, the Brethren also put down permanent roots before 1800 in the mountainous northwestern corner of North Carolina in Ashe County. When the first Brethren arrived in this area is not known, but certainly they were there by the 1780's, for numerous Brethren names were reported in this area in the census of 1790. The number of brethren in the settlement increased during the 1790's, and in 1801 many of them placed their names on a petition to the government of North Carolina dealing with land problems. [The petition is as follows:] 'To the Honourable House of the General Assembly. The distressed Situation in which your humble petitioners by the late Act of Assembly for the Year 1801 in the Second Section, in respect to the Land Law's is reduced: it is impossible without flowing Tears the Grievances thereof to prescribe! it is evident, that the County of Wilkes before its division, that part of it, which is called now the County of Ashe, being first inhabited with Hunters, made their living by Hunting game. Ulrick Kessler, a Dunkard Preacher coming from the North, was the first inhabitance of the Germans who bought his land for 300 £, and paid for it, and by his persuasion, drawing his congregation hither, till this Wild Country became inhabited with industrious farmers, Purchasing their land, and give their Money, Horses, Waggons and nearly all their living for their Possessions. Then this part of the Country being Granted by the Legislature unto a party of Speculators, who by their granted Authority, oppressed this people very much, to make themselves rich of their Labour. The first Settlers and Hunters could not endure to live amongst Labouring and industrious farmers, Sold their rights, moving to the West Country's, Cumberland, Kentucky, etc. The Germans who had bought their Possessions, labouring with industry, clearing Land, building Houses, Barns, planting Orchards, made Meadows, raising Stock, building Gear Mills, Saw Mills, fulling mills; that this Wild Country became fertile Utility, by the blessing of the Supreme being, who made all things; paying their taxes annually, and living peaceably and quietly in their Possessions, under the Protection of the legislature of the State; till this present juncture of the above mentioned late Act, when the Speculators Grants and Rights was broke, and the Land Office for to make Entry's upon Land was estblish'd. Some of them made Entry's upon Vacant Treasury, getting their Grants; improved it by their families, without hearing of any other Claim of any other person of persons, of their possessions till now. at the time when Wilkes County was divided, and this Country became the Name the County of Ashe, the Commissioners faithfully Purchasing Fifty Acres of Land, laying it out in Lot's, Sold them, and Builded a Court House, made a Contract for to Build the Prison, out of the Surplus of that Money, which gave the date to Conceive and bring forth a New-Birth of the infernal part of Self Interested party Speculators. Robert NaIl, Surveyor who. had undoubtedly a View of this Speculation; for the former Benefit, made him Sure of the New, that by his influence, to the Committee of this County, under a Cloak that it was beneficial for the poor inhabitance, to petition for that Law; no Sooner that Law came in existence; than he had a Store of Old Warrants, which was bought for a trifle, having the Books of Fletcher, forming a Body of party Speculators, claiming the Town Land and all the plantations within Six Miles round, near the Court House, Surveyes the Land and especially where a German lives without distinction. For this Speculators Say, they had the Oldest Warrant, it was their Right and Title, and in any Court of justice and Equity they could keep it, for the Word: previous of that date give it to them by the Said Act. and not in one clause of Said Act is left a iota of reserve, for the defence of a Labouring industrious Citizen; it is impossible that your humble petitioners can believe, that the Legislature could be so Tyrannical to pass Such Act and Law, with an intent; that Honest Citizen should be cheated and defrauded out of their property and Possessions for the Cause of a few Speculating individuals. Therefore your Humble petitioners beg the Honourable House of Assembly to take the Grievances of the foregoing Circumstances into Consideration; and Consider at first That the Established Land paid into the Treasury, and that the Grants for said Land is Lawfull and Ought to be protected. Secondly That the Warrants, with which the Speculators will Cheat and Defraud, to drive honest Citizens out of their Possessions; if they had not be revived by the late Act, being all Dead and out of date, and then to make a Conclusion for a remedy of redress. Thirdly That an Additional Act, that it the meaning of the Legislature not is, that honest Citizen should be cheated, defrauded and deprived out of their Possessions by the said Act, and that the Older Grant should be protected in any Court of justice and equity for ever in which hopes your humble petitioners is in duty bound, and will for ever pray.'
      [Signed {Kerry's note: the ones with asterisks are in this database and related to me}:] Michajah Pennington, Wm hubbart, Peter Hart, Jos Rowland, James Mulkey Capt, David Connelson, John Johnson, John Byrket, Andrew Fouts, Jacob May, Christian Byrket *, Wm May, George Grubb, William Migapha, Moses Toliver, George Eberly, Allen Noulin, William Pennington *, G Koons *, John Phillips, Henry Miller, George Miller, Henry Dulheur, John Kessler, David Engrum, Lewis Bonner, Andrew Sheets, Peter Dick *, John Dick jr *, Conrad Grubb, Luke White, John Koons *, Daniel Miller, Leonard Baumgarner, Michael Stocker *, Jacob Fouts, Wm Shepperd, Emmanuel Croster, Henry Michel, Andrew Rowland, Jonathan Miller, Wilm Henson Junr *, Jacob Grimes, benja manhubbire, Woller Weaver, Jacob Reese, John Ford, John Norris, Gilbirt Norris, Barnet Owen, Henry Graybeal *, John Whit, Jacob Eller *, Peter Eller *, John Maxwell, Zacariah Harwood, James rowrick, Jacob Pfau, Samuel Wilcocken, John Sturgin, Charles Williams, John Miller, Jas Bunyard, Samuel Taylor, Isaac Weaver, Id manhubbire, Landrine Eggers, John Ress, Henry agrer, Wm Morris, Ephrim Norris, Wm Owen."

      5. FHL Book 929.273EL54h "George Michael Eller and Descendants of His in America," compiled by James W. Hook, 1957, also on FHL film 896571, item 2, pp. 17-31, clarifies early North Carolina counties and land grant practices:
      "Land grants in North Carolina originated with an entry application which was filed in the county where the land was situated and if not lost are now on file there. This was followed, sometimes soon and sometimes years later by an order from the land office for the tract to be surveyed. Sometimes soon and sometimes years later the survey was made and a surveyor's plat filed with the Secretary of State in Raleigh. Then came the grant which may have been issued reasonably near the date of the survey or sometimes several years later. These grants, orders to survey and the survey itself are on file now in the Secretary of State's office at Raleigh...
      Many counties were formed from what originally was Rowan County, namely Surry and Guilford in 1770, Burke and Wilkes in 1777, Randolph in 1779, Iridell in 1788, Stokes in 1789, Buncomb in 1791, Ashe in1799, Davidson in 1822, Yancey in 1833, Davie in 1836 and Yadkin in 1850. Some of these counties were grandchildren of Rowan County; for instance Wilkes was taken partly from Burke and partly from Surry, Randolph from Guilford, Buncomb and Yancy form Burke, Ashe from Wilkes and Stokes and Yadkin from Surry. These facts must be kept in mind when tracing early Rowan County families."

      7. Website accessed 14 Dec 2008:
      "Ashe County, NC - Deeds - Abstracts of selected deeds." This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Kyle R. Graybeal, 37 Spring Lake Drive, Stafford, VA 22554. Revised 9 October 2001. This file contains abstracts of selected deeds from Ashe County, North Carolina Land records, mostly involving Graybeal family members. The information contained herein does not constitute the sum total of deeds in the Ashe County records involving Graybeal individuals. There are a few incomplete fields in some records especially in acreage, land description & witness names. This means that I have not copied them, not that the information is missing from the court records. The file now includes more deeds and has been corrected for errors dealing with land grants appearing in the original file. In the original file, the entry date and the date the deed was signed were reversed. This new file corrects that problem.
      Information sorted in date order, which is yyyy-mm-dd. Grantee & Grantor names are [last], [first]. Witness names are [first], [last]. NFNR = North Fork of New River. Mn and Vn means Deed Books M new and V new respectively. Information in [ ] inserted by me and correct to the best of my knowledge. Information in ( ) added for clarification. Price paid, proven date, and registered date not included to save space. I have this information on most deeds in case it is desired. Some compass directions are indicated by N, S, etc., rather spelled out. Deeds for state grants did not require have witnesses' signatures. The indication that a particular person signed with an "x" is not consistent from record to record in this transcription. {Kerry's note: I have refined the list so as to cut it off after whom I think may be the first generation after John Peter Graybill and Christina Wampler; see that more complete list with John Peter Graybill - this partial list are for those only including the name of Henry Graybill.}:
      May, Abraham TO: Graybeal, Peter [Sr] 170 a.; Signed: 1799-04-07; Both sides New River @ White's line/P. Henson Corner/NFNR; Book: D, 109; Witness: S. Hubbard, Henry Graybeal.
      Henson, Wm TO: Jones, Vincent 100 a.; Signed: 1802-01-15; Waters of North Fork New River/Little Horse Creek. Book: B, 180; Witness: James Bunyard, Henry Graybeal.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, Henry 100 a., Grant: 0532, ENT: 1802-12-01; Signed: 1802-12-07; Little Horse Creek/corner Vincent Jones. Book: B, 359.
      May, Abraham TO: Graybeal, John 50 a.; Signed: 1805-08-01; South side of Horse Creek. Book: D, 110; Witness: John Nall, Henry Graybeal.
      Stone, Cutberth TO: Graybeal, Henry 100 a.; Signed: 1806-11-04; Waters of Little Horse Ck. in the Salt Peter Knob. Book: D, 127; Witness: John Stone, Mikel Graybeal.
      Graybeal, Henry TO: Henson, James 50 a.; Signed: 1807-12-09; N. side N. Fork New River/James Bunyard's line/Vinson Creek. Book: C, 422; Witness: Jas. Fletcher, Benj. Hubbard.
      Graybill, John TO: Graybill, Henry 50 a. Signed: 1809-02-27; South side of Big Horse Creek/waters of N. Fork New River. Book: D, 104; Witness: Michael (x) Graybeal, Jacob May.
      Henson, John (x) TO: Chambers, Henry 50 a.; Signed: 1809-03-27; NFNR, in Henson's line near his sugar camp; Book: D, 292; Witness: Henry Graybeal, Benj (x) Tyree
      Henson, John (x) TO: Chambers, Henry 50 a.; Signed: 1809-03-27 ... his old line, stake on the river; Book: D, 293; Witness: Henry Graybeal, Benj (x) Tyree.
      Henson, John (x) TO: Chambers, Henry 150 a.; Signed: 1809-03-27; NFNR, ... swamp, dogwood and hickory; Book: D, 295; Witness: Graybeal, Henry, Benj (x) Tyree.
      Henson, William TO: Morris, Gilbert 100 a.; Signed: 1809-08-01; Waters of Little Horse Creek/North Fork New River. Book: D, 299; Witness: Henry Graybeal, Henry Chambers.
      Graybeal, Henry TO: Powers, Loamina 50 a.; Signed: 1809-09-05; Land on Big Horse Ck [bought from his brother John]. Book: D, 117; Witness: William (x) Powers, Major Powers.
      Graybeal, Peter TO: Brown, Peter 60 a. Signed: 1810-07-03; North Fork of New River, Paul Henson's corner. Book: M, 172; Witness: Jas. Fletcher, Henry Graybeal.
      Graybeal, Peter TO: Bowers, Peter 170 a.; Signed: 1810-07-03; Both sides of NFNR/the River Bank @ White's line/James Henson. Book: Mn, 161; Witness: Henry Graybeal, James Fletcher.
      Graybeal, Peter TO: Graybeal, David 100 a. Signed: 1814-04-05; Old Field Creek/waters of Big Horse Creek. Book: TT, 241; Witness: Henry Graybeal, James Lewis.
      Graybeal, Henry TO: Turman, Wm. 100 a.; Signed: 1815-01-13; Turkey Pen Branch/Little Horse Creek/NFNR. Book: F, 280; Witness: Nathan Carpenter, James Lewis.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, Henry 50 a., Grant: 1005, Ent: 1818-09-04; Signed: 1819-11-30; Near the fork of the big Branch. Book: C, 056.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, Henry 50 a., Grant: 1007, Ent: 1818-09-04; Signed: 1819-11-30; (description not given); Book: C, 050.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, Henry 25 a., Grant: 1074, Ent: 1819-11-23; Signed: 1821-12-04; N. Fork New River/mouth of Parson's Branch. Book: C, 048
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, Henry 50a., Grant: 1107, Ent: 1820-12-24; Signed: 1822-12-17; Laurel Fork New River at a branch. Book: C, 53.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, Henry 50 a., Grant: 1594, Ent: 18270817; Signed: 1830-12-18; On the Big Branch of the Laurel Fork; Book: E, 446.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, Henry 100 a., Grant: 1705, Ent: 1830-02-11; Signed: 1831-12-15; On the Big Laurel Fork NFNR/on S. side of fork near large rock in a clift; Book: E, 443.
      State (NC) TO: Graybeal, Henry 50 a., Grant: 1733, Ent: 1830-09-23; Signed: 1831-12-15; Laurel fork of NFNR John Graybeal corner; Book: P, 176.
      Graybeal, Henry TO: Langley, James ? a.; Signed: 1832-11-03; Big Laurel Fork of NFNR/on the S side of fork, near a large rock in a clift; Book: E, 467; Witness: Jeremiah Osborn, Christina Osborn.
      Graybeal, Henry (x) TO: Graybeal, Eli [son] 42 a.; Signed: 1840-12-10; Laurel waters of North Fork of New River. Book: P, 381. Witness: Dav Graybeal, Jurat; Andrew Graybeal.
      Graybeal, John TO: Maxwell, Sid 50 a.; Signed: 1841-02-31; Book: O, 10; Witness: Henry Graybeal, Larkin Maxwell .
      Graybeal, Henry TO: Maxwell, Sid 42 a.; Signed: 1841-07-31; Book: O, 25; Witness: John Graybeal, Larkin Maxwell.
      Graybeal, Henry TO: Graybeal, Dav. 70 a.; Signed: 1841-10-20; Big Laurel Fork NFNR John Graybeal line/cond crnr And. & Dav Graybeal; Book: P, 403; Witness: Jeremiah Osborn, Eli (x) Graybeal.
      Graybeal, Henry TO: Graybeal, Andw 122 a.; Signed: 1841-10-26; (not copied); Book: W, 163; Witness: J. Osborn, Eli Graybeal.
      Osborn, John TO: Graybeal, Eli 75 a.; Signed: 1843-03-21; Book: P, 386; Witness: Henry Graybeal, Samuel Sapp.
      Graybeal, John et al TO: Graybeal, Eli 40 a.; Signed: 1844-02-08; Laurel Fork of NFNR, p/o 50a. grant to Henry in 1822. Book: O, 472; Witness: Jeremiah Osborn, David Graybeal (This deed contains the signatures of all of Henry's children including signatures of his daughters' spouses).

      8. Entry found for William Pennington, Peter Graybeal, and Henry Graybeal in the "Minutes of the Ashe County, North Carolina Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1806" per website [Note. Despite the fact that Ashe County, North Carolina was created in 1799, the first extant court records begin in 1806.] State of North Carolina.
      A. Ashe County May Term 1806. In a County Court begun and held for the County of Ashe on the second Monday being the 12th day of May A.D. 1806: "Ordered by the court that the sheriff summon Daniel Hoppers, Saml Phipps, Jacob Bumgarner, Petter Gross, Wm. Allison, Francis Sturgill, Senr., Wm. Snow, Wm. Pennington, Junr., Jas. Richardson, Saml. Stedham, Wm. Richardson, Isaac Hitchcock, Jas. Lewis, Wm. Perkins, Ruben Wallis, Petter Graybeall, Joshua Weaver, Wm. Ray, Ephr. Osborn, Henry Graybell, Benjn. Ward, Carter Whittington, Jno. Estep, Christian Sherar, Wm. Walters, Thos. Calloway, Snr. & [illegible] Little, Christian Burkheart, David Bailey & Andw. Sheets as jurors next court."
      B. State of North Carolina. August term 1806. At a county court begun and held for the County of Ashe on the second Monday being the 11th day of August A. D. 1806.
      a. Present James Bunyard, John Hash, William Weaver, Esqrs. Grand Jury empanelled and sworn as follows (and charged): Thos. Calloway, Foreman, Wm. Perkins, Wm. Snow, Benjamin Ward, Jno Estep, Daniel Hoppers, David Birely, Wm. May, Cater Whittington, Henry Graybell, Wm. Pennington, Saml. Phips, Andrew Sheets, J. S. Weaver, James Lewis. Edward King, constable, sworn to attend the grand jury."
      b. "A deed from Henrey Miller to Isaac Taylor for 100 acres was duly proven in open court by the oath of Henrey Graybell."

      9. Per website "The men from Ashe County who served in the War of 1812 served in the 1st and 2nd Companies, of 5th North Carolina Militia Regiment (Ashe County). A total of 58 men are thought to have served in the 1st Company, but only 30 men were found to have served in the 2nd Company." Graybills were found but not Koons, Ellers, Stokers, etc. Names: Graybeal, David, 1st Company, 5th NC Militia Graybeal, Henry, 1st Company, 5th NC Militia

      10. FHL book 929.273 P684pn: "Graybill/Stoker/Eller/Smith/Koons/Pitt Connections," by Norman E. 'Gene' Pitt, 1996, pp. 6-8: "Henry Graybill/Graybeal, b. abt 1780/85, Rural Retreat, Wythe Co., VA; d. abt 1843, probably in Ashe Co., NC; md. 1798, Ashe Co., NC to Celia Henson. She was b. abt 1783, Wilkes Co, NC [Ashe was formed from Wilkes in late 1799]; d. abt 1867, TN. Their descendants spelled their name Graybeal. Henry was listed in the 5th Regiment of NC Detached Militia in 1814-15. According to researcher Vivian Graybill, Henry and Celia accompanied Henry's parents and other Graybills to Jackson Co., OH in 1816 and were still there in 1837. [I don't necessarily believe this to be correct because the extensive downline has all of their children born in Ashe Co., NC up to 1827 and their grandchildren seem to also all be from Ashe Co. as well.] Their children were Nancy, John, Joseph, Christena, Millie, Andrew, Margaret 'Peggy', Phoebe, David, Eli, Elizabeth and Matilda 'Mary'." Extensive downline of this family is in the book.

      11. Burketts, Graybeals, and Ellers mentioned in the book "History of Western North Carolina," by John Preston Arthur, 1914, chapter 8: "Some Early Settlers of Ashe. These noble, self-sacrificing men and women of the early times endangered their lives and braved many hardships in the wild Indian country to open the way to happy homes, schools, churches and the blessings of our present civilization. Some of these were Henry Poe, Martin Gambill, Thomas Sutherland, Timothy Perkins, Captain John Cox, Henry Hardin, Canada Richardson, James Douglas, Daniel Dickson and Elijah Galloway. Besides these were many others whose names awaken much unwritten history: Miller, Blevins, Ham, Reeves, Woodin, Barr, Baker, Eller, Goodman, Ray, Burkett, Graybeal, Houck, Kilby, Ashley, Jones, Gentry, Smith, Plummer, Lewis, Sutherland, McMillan, Colvard, Barker, Senter, Maxwell, Calhoun, Sapp, Thomas, Worth, Oliver and others."
      Also the following quote is found; note that they were from Germany and may only have sailed from Holland - they were not Dutch: "The Graybeals. They are said to be of Dutch ancestry, are generally thrifty and successful folk, and own much real estate and live stock. They are honest, frugal and among the best citizens of Ashe."

      12. Children reported from Worldconnect database ":480580" of Donna Schell 21 Feb 2003:
      Nancy Graybeal, b: 1798 in Wythe Co., VA.
      John Graybeal,, Sr. b: 1802 in Ashe Co, NC.
      Joseph Graybeal, b: 15 Sep 1804 in Ashe Co, NC.
      Christina Graybeal, b: 1805 in Ashe Co., NC.
      Millie Graybeal, b: 1807 in Ashe Co., NC.
      Andrew Graybeal, b: 17 Jan 1808 in Ashe Co, NC.
      Margaret Graybeal, b: 1809 in Ashe Co, NC.
      Phoebe Graybeal, b: Abt. 1810 in Ashe Co., NC.
      David Graybeal, b: 25 Dec 1815 in Ashe Co, NC.
      Eli Graybeal, b: 1817 in Ashe Co., NC.
      Elizabeth Graybeal, b: 30 Nov 1822 in Ashe Co, NC.
      Matilda Mary Graybeal, b: Abt. 1827 in Ashe Co, NC.

      13. Notes on Henry Graybeal from Worldconnect database ":480580" of Donna Schell 21 Feb 2003:
      A. Land Entries of Wilkes Co., NC for 9 July 1791 as show in the Wilkes Genealogical Society, from Vols. 11 & 12: #410 Henry Grabill e 50 ac waters N fork New River on Miclane's Mill Ck incl Henry Grabills sugar camp. #699 Henry Grabill e 100 ac waters N fork New River on Horse Creek adj Abraham May. B. He was one of the first landowners in Ashe Co. His name was in Book 1of the Register's Office. The first deed was registered on 3 Oct 1799. Source: The book, "Ashe Co. A History," by Arthur L. Fletcher. C. Various deeds:
      a. State (NC) # 0532 to: Graybeal, Henry 1802-12-01, 100.00 a., on little Horse Creek/corner Vincent Jones, $, Rcd: 1804-12-07, Bk: B, p. 359. b. Stone, Cutberth to: Graybeal, Henry 1806-11-04, 100.00 a., Waters of Little Horse Creek in the Salt Peter Knob, $1,000, Rcd: 1809-11, Bk: D, p. 127; Witnesses: John Stone, Mikel Graybeal. c. Graybeal, Henry to: Henson, James 1807-12-09, 50.00 a., N. side N. Fork New River/James Bunyard's line/Vinson Creek, $, Rcd: 1815-02, Bk: C, p. 422; Witnesses: James Fletcher, Benj. Hubbard, Eli Cleveland, Peter Graybeal. d. Graybill, John to: Graybill, Henry 1809-02-07, 50.00 a., South side of Big Horse Creek/waters of N. Fork New River, $ 100, Rcd: 1809-11, Bk: D, p. 104; Witnesses: Michael Graybeal, Jacob May. e. Graybeal, Henry to: Powers, Loamina 1809-09-05, 50.00 a., Land on Big Horse Ck [bought from his brother John], $ 50, Rcd: 1809-09, Bk: D, p. 117; Witnesses: William (x) Powers, Major Powers. f. Carnout, Wm. to: Graybeal, Henry 1811-01-05, 100.00 a., on the Laurel Fork of North Fork of New River near Joneses line, $ 200, Rcd: 1827-11, Bk: C, p. 96; Witnesses: Edward King, Thomas Sutherland. g. Graybeal, Henry to: Turman, Wm. 1815-01-13, 100.00 a., on the Turkey Pen Branch/Little Horse Creek, North Fork of New River, $, Rcd: 1817-11, Bk: F, p. 280; Witnesses: Nathan Carpenter, James Lewis. h. Jones, John to: Graybeal, Henry 1815-07-26, 50.00 a., on a drean of the Laurel Fork of the waters of North Fork of New River, $ 50, Rcd: 1827-11, Bk: C, p. __; Witnesses: Elisha Calloway. i. State (NC) #1005 to: Graybeal, Henry 1818-09-04, 50.00 a., near the fork of the big Branch, $ 2, Rcd: 1819-11-30, Bk: C, p. 56; Witnesses: John Branch. j. State (NC) #1007 to: Graybeal, Henry 1818-09-04, 50.00 a., [not given], $, Rcd: 1819-11-30, Bk: C, p. 50. k. State (NC) #1074 to: Graybeal, Henry 1819-11-23, 25.00 a., North Fork of New River/mouth of Parson's Branch, $, Rcd: 1821-12-04, Bk: C, p. 48. l. State (NC) #1107 to: Graybeal, Henry 1820-12-24, 50.00 a., Laurel Fork New River at a branch, $, Rcd: 182?-12-17, Bk: C, p. 53. m. State (NC) #1594 to: Graybeal, Henry 1827-08-17, 50.00 a., on the Big Branch of the Laurel Fork of New River, $ 5, Rcd: 1830-12-18, Bk: D, p.; Witnesses: Montfort Stokes. n. Graybeal, Henry to: Langley, James 1832-11-03, ___.__ a., [not copied], $, Rcd:, Bk: E, p. 467 o. Graybeal, Henry to: Graybeal, Eli [son] 1840-12-10, ___.__ a., Laurel waters of North Fork of New River, $, Rcd: 1851-05-22, Bk: P, p. 381; Witnesses: David Graybeal, Andrew Graybeal [sons] p. Graybeal, Henry to: Maxwell, Sid 1841-07-31, ___.__ a., [not copied], $, Rcd:, Bk: __, p. __. q. Graybeal, Henry to: Graybeal, Dav. [son] 1841-10-20, ___.__ a., On the Big Laurel Fork of North Fork of New River, $, Rcd: 1851-05-23, Bk: P, p. 403; Witnesses: Jerimiah Osborn, Eli Graybeal r. Graybeal, Henry to: Graybeal, Andrew [son] 1841-10-26, ___.__ a., [not copied], $, Rcd:, Bk: W, p. 163. D. Lived and reared his family on the Big Laurel one mile from the Mouth of Roaring Fork. E. Lottie MCoy of Oxford, PA in letter dtd. 14 Oct. 1992 provided the following: This from a visit to the Lancaster Historical Library. Henry was a soldier in the War of 1812 under Capt Gideon Lewis. (Ref. Jas Wilson Graybeal).

      14. FHL book 975.6835 D3h "The Heritage of Ashe County, North Carolina, Vol. 1, 1984," ed. Ruth Weaver Shepherd, submitted article 254: "Ancestors and Descendants of Henderson Graybeal. My great-great grandfather was Henry Graybeal, born about 1780-85. His parents were Peter Graybeal Sr. and Christena (Wampler) Graybeal, both believed to have been born near York, Pennsylvania. The official U.S. Census of 1800, listing males above 16 years of age and heads of families included Henry Graybeal. Early deeds of Ashe County list Henry Graybeal as a land owner. He was listed in the 5th Regiment of North Carolina detached Militia in 1814-15. Henry was a farmer and lived in the Laurel community of Ashe County. He died before June, 1850. Henry married Celia Henson. Her parentage and birth date are unknown. They were the parents of twelve children; John married Sarah King; Andrew married Rebecca Lewis; Eli married Mary McGuire; Joseph married Margaret Ashley; David married Rebecca Ashley; Millie married Ephraim Roark, Christena married Jeremiah Osborne; Nancy married John Osborne, Phebe married Pleasant Eastridge, Peggy married ___ Langley; Elizabeth married David Farmer; Matilda (Mary) married George MiGuire. [Article continues thru the son Joseph and includes a photo of the author's grandparents Henderson and Mary Graybeal in the early 1920s.]"

      15. Website accessed 20 Dec 2009: "Letter, John Graybeal to Dona Graybeal."
      Letter from John Graybeal of Shell Creek, Tennessee to his grand-daughter Dona Graybeal of Fig, North Carolina. This letter was found among the papers and Letters of Dona Graybeal and her son W. Thomas Graybal, of Emory, Virginia. Dona Graybeal was married to my great-uncle Winfield A. Graybeal, a Methodist Minister.
      John Graybeal, son of Andrew Graybeal, and grandson of Henry Graybeal of Ashe County, North Carolina, wrote the letter to his granddaughter Dona Graybeal, daughter of William Asbury Graybeal and Rebecca Graybeal. Both sides of Dona's family trace back to Henry Graybeal.
      Notes: The original letter was written in pencil on tablet paper with no punctuation and paragraph breaks. Paragraph breaks have been inserted where it seemed logical to do so for clarity. Periods have also been added at the end of sentences. Spelling remains as it was interpreted except where indicated by [ ]. References to "Winny" are to Winfield A. Graybeal Dona's husband and son of David Melvin Graybeal and Mary Anne Jones.
      Transcribed by Kyle R. Graybeal
      "Shell Creek Ten Jan 26 1915
      Dona we recv'd your letter was real glad to hear from you all. was glad you was having a good time & Doing some good in the caus of Religion there. Dont seam to be But little good Doing here. We have had some offel Bad weather this winter. the weather was the worst before Christmas i Ever saw. i think we got a litter from pa a few days ago Said Conly & wife had gone to New Mexico Lum has moved in bout 8 miles of us. i Recon Griggs preached a fine Sermon Sunday at Shell Creek We are having a fine day today 26 of Jan
      Well you asked me about the Graybeals. My father always told me they came from Penn to NC. My grandfather settled rite on the lands Elihu & your grandpa graybial lived. My granfathers name was Henry. Winnys grate granfathers name was David. he settled probably on the lands that Winnys granfather & Calvin graybeal lived on Hoss creek. the old man Petter settled near Jefferson, they Both maried Birkets
      My granmother graybeal was a Henson. ther was one them old graybeals Name was John he never was married. he fell Dead at a wood pile cuting wood. Ther was one Mike he went West long time ago they never could her from him after them Days. So that was all of the old graybeals. they was real Duch.
      My father always told me he couldent understand a word they would say when they talked in ther language though they could talk English all rite. i remember seeing all of them they wer Dunkards them days
      My grandfather was a Methodist Ex[h]orter a grate scriptonian i remember seeing my grandfather & old man Dav & Peter. My grandmother Died after i was a bot grown her name was Celia
      Well Dona i dont guess you can read this letter if you can you can almost Beat me so we hope you are all well and enjoying life. give Winny my Best respects and wishes and trust he may Do much good.
      Your grandma has had a Bad cold all this winter and holds rite on so we would glad to here from you all often. We remain your grandparents
      John Graybeal write soon"

      18. FHL film 702: "Journal of John Stoker, b. 1817; Journal starts November 1, 1869." John was the son of David Stoker and Barbara Graybill. Selected family related passages from his journal:
      P. 1: Nov. 1-4, 1869: The journal starts with John leaving as a 52 year old missionary with Jesse N. Perkins as a companion from Salt Lake City on the railroad to Omaha, NE. The railroad had just recently been completed so he details the progress of the transcontinental railway journey.
      P. 2: Saturday, Nov. 6, 1869: "Went to Bluff City with J.N. Perkins. Sunday 7th, spent the fore noon with Moroni Stoker - took dinner with him." [William Moroni Stoker, 1834-1929, was John's first cousin thru John's father's brother Michael S. Stoker, 1805-1858.]
      P. 3: "Monday 8th. Went up to Musketoe to see Simeon P. Graybill. Stayed all night. Tuesday 9th, took dinner with Aunt Margaret Stoker, Uncle Eller Stoker's widow, and returned to Aunt Martha's at Trading Point, Potawatamie Co., Iowa. Wednesday, 10th. Wrote a letter to Mr. Wm. Atkinson in Bountiful, Davis Co., Utah. Thursday 11th. Visited Wm. McDaniel in Harrison Co. 40 miles north. Friday 12th. Visited the grave of Zibiah Birdno [could also be Binders], my wife's mother. Saturday 13th. Returned to Aunt Martha's at Trader's Point. Sunday 14th. Spent the day with Aunt Martha's family. Monday 15th. Went to Bluff City to look for a letter but got none and returned to the Point. [Simeon Graybill, 1816-1889, was John's first cousin twice thru his father's sister Polly Stoker, 1792-1864, and thru his mother's brother Michael Peter Graybill. Eller Stoker, 1816-1855, was John's father's brother and married to Margaret Judd, 1822-1893. Aunt Martha was Martha Carr McDaniel, 1808-1873, wife of John's father's brother Michael S. Stoker, 1805-1858. William McDaniel, 1810-1885, is John's brother-in-law. John's Mother-in-law, Zibiah (McCarley) McDaniels, 1786-1860, apparently remarried a Mr. Birdno after her husband James McDaniel, 1762-1820, died.]
      Pp. 4-9: The journal details their departure from Council Bluffs area by various means including railroad, hack, steamboat, packet boat, hired horses, and on foot with luggage to "Leith Co. 5 miles north of Estillville," Virginia via many detailed waypoints including but not limited to DesMoines, Chicago, Cleveland, Wheeling VA, Burlington on the Ohio River, the "Big Sandy" on the line between Kentucky and Virginia, the "Pound Gap" summit of Cumberland Mountain, the "High Nob the highest point in Virginia." John details with whom they stayed and what hospitality they received. Along the way they see and preach the Gospel to many McLelland/McClelland relatives of his companion. In Leith Co., VA, on Monday, Dec. 13, 1869, he "wrote a letter home to my family and one to Ash[e] Co., North Carolina to David and Henry Graybill" which they mailed the next day from Estillville. [John's mother, Barbara Graybill, had two brothers - Henry, ca1780-ca1843, and David, 1794-1874 - who remained in Ashe Co. where she was born; however, Henry was dead by then but his "Uncle" David responds later on Jan. 22.]
      Pp. 10-17: They stayed in the area doing missionary work mainly among McClellands. He notes on Christmas day while staying with Samuel McClelland, they went to a meeting and heard a Dunkard preach. On Monday, Dec. 27th, John notes, "wrote a letter to my family also one to my sister-in-law Martha Stoker at Bluff City, Iowa. [Martha Carr (McDaniel) Stoker was whom he referred to as Aunt Martha previously in his journal since she was married to his father's brother Michael S. Stoker, but she was also a sister-in-law since she was the sister to John's wife Jane McDaniel.] John notes on Saturday, Jan. 8th, that he "went to the widow Quillins to inquire concerning the Wampler family." [I am unsure who the widow was, but John's maternal grandmother was Christina Wampler, 1753-1844.] On Tuesday, Jan. 11th, John notes, "Went to Patsy Daughterty's to inquire after my mother's relatives.] He also notes on the same day that he received a letter from his son-in-law J. Tolman and daughter in Utah. On Saturday, Jan. 22nd, John notes, 'Received a letter from my son David Stoker, Davis Co., Utah dated Jan'y 1st, 1870, gave particulars of my son John Stoker's sickness but getting better. Also received a letter from my uncle David Graybill, Ashe Co., Jefferson, North Carolina." On Jan. 24th, he writes back to his uncle David Graybill.
      Pp. 18-24: Starting on Jan. 26th, 1870, the missionaries are on the move: first to Bristol (VA?), then thru Chattanooga, Nashville, Sparta, to Putnam Co., Tennessee where they did missionary work with the Perkins and Mayberry families who relatives of his companion, Jesse Perkins. On Sunday, Feb. 13th, 1870, John wrote letters to his son David Stoker in Davis Co., Utah and one to Aunt Martha Stoker and cousins in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa. On the next day he went to Gainesboro where he received a letter from his son David Stoker. Beginning Feb. 16th, 1870, John proceeds by boat down the Cumberland to Nashville then to St. Louis via the Mississippi River from Cape "Jerido". On Feb. 23rd, took the from St. Louis to Trader's Point where again he sees Aunt Martha. He sends money to his companion in Decatur Co., Iowa to help him get to Council Bluffs. He also sends a letter to Utah asking his family for money for himself and his companion.
      Pp. 25-33: John arrives Feb. 26 and remains in Pottawattamie Co., Iowa until March 24 when he, Jesse Perkins who arrives March 9, and several other missionaries from the East Coast join up in Omaha for the trip home to Utah by railroad which he notes cost $50.75. Generally he is staying with his Aunt Martha. Some journal entries during that time period dealing with family follow: "Sat., Feb 26th, 1870: Went up to Musketoe Creek to Simeon Peter Graybill, my cousin. Stayed over night. Sunday, 27th. Went to Walker's Grove in Harrison Co. to Sidney R. Graybill, my cousin, with Moroni Stoker to see some sick cousins Michael and Elizabeth Graybill. [Sidney Rigdon, 1836-1893, Michael S., 1827-1910, and Elizabeth, 1833-1891, are siblings and all children of Polly Stoker, John's father's sister.] Stayed over night. Monday 28th. Cold and windy. Remained all day. Stayed all night. Tuesday, March 1st 1870. Returned to Aunt Martha Stoker's at Traders Point. Read a letter from David Stoker, my son, to John A. Stoker, dated Feb'y 21st, 1870. Stayed overnight… Thursday 3d. Cousin Jared Stoker killed 2 turkeys, the 2 weighing 40 lbs. [John Alexander Stoker, 1837-1918, and Jared, 1843-1912, were first cousins and sons of Michael S. Stoker, brother of John's father David.] Stayed over… Tuesday 8th, being my birthday, age 53… Wednesday 9th… was weighed being 184 lbs… Friday 18th… went to Aaron Thomas, took dinner and spent the day with him and family. [Aaron Morris Thomas, 1833-1920, was married to John's first cousin, Elizabeth Jane Stoker, who was the daughter of John W. Stoker, a brother of John's father David.] Returned to Aunt Martha Stoker's… Saturday 19th… Sent a letter to Wm. Atkinson in Bountiful, Davis County, Utah, heard from home by a letter wrote to John A. Stoker dated March the 12th, 1870. All was well… Thursday 24th… John A. Stoker and Joseph Stoker took me and Bro. Jesse N. Perkins to Omaha with a wagon. Rained before we got there. Joseph Stoker went over the River with us met about 30 of the missionaries at the St. Charles Hotel. [Joseph Jehiel Stoker, 1846-1921, was a brother of John Alexander and William Moroni Stoker.] Left Omaha at 6 p.m. on the Emigrant Cars for home…"
      Pp. 33-35: John details the train trip which started March 24th and arrived home in Bountiful March 29th after switching to the Utah Central in Ogden. He notes his arrival "in the midst of family and friends with a hearty God bless you… and a hearty shaking of hands." The missionary journal ends at this point.
      Pp. 36-227: The balance of John's journal book is genealogical notations of family. Many pages are blank, which I did not copy. Besides family, John would also note many other unrelated Stokers who he must have gleaned from books and other sources. He also notes some totally unrelated non-Stoker individuals with whom he evidently has some acquaintance. I have entered the pertinent data with each family in my database.

      19. Website accessed 20 Dec 2008: "Muster Rolls Soldiers of the War of 1812 Detached from the Militia of North Carolina 1812 and 1814 Published in Pursuance of the Resolutions of the General Assembly of January 28, 1851 and the Resolution of the General Assembly of February 29, 1871. Under the Direction of the Adjutant General Raleigh Stone and Uzzell State Printers and Binders 1873":
      "Fifth Regiment, Ashe County:
      Henry Graybeal
      David Graybeal"
      [Kerry's note: I do not recognize any other names in the regiment as related to the family.]

      20. FHL book 929.273 H198me (film #6003742), "Hanson, Henson, Hinson, Hynson, and Allied Family Name; Early Records of the Carolinas," by Ethel Nerim Miner. 1993, the following is from vol. 3 of 5 which is just focussed on the Carolinas. Note that author extracted all references from all sources but does not give an explanation of her sources - she does say: "If this space is empty caution should be used in accepting the information as fact. May be combined with information from the even field to provide more meaningful information. If no original source is shown that probably means the information was submitted by a contributor from a family history or similar source. I include notes for both William and Celia Henson, who are in my database and possibly siblings:
      -Celia Henson; spouse Henry Graybeal, m. @ North Carolina in 1802; source (more of a note): "NC Ashe of."
      -Eli Hanson, s. of William and ___ Graybeal, b. 5 Mar 1807, at NC; no source given.
      -Eli Hanson, s. of William and ___ Graybeal, d. @ 1832, at NC; no source given.
      -Elijah Hanson, s. of William; spouse: Amery; b. 1804, at NC; note mom was a Graybeal; no source given.
      -Larkin Henson, s. of William Sr. and ___ Graybeal; residence at Ashe Co., NC, in 1788; no source given.
      -Mary Henson, d. of William and ___ Graybeal; b. 1810 at NC; no source given.
      -William Henson Sr. and Nancy Graybeal; birth of son Eli, 5 Mar 1807, in NC (with a note "KY?"); no source given.

      1. The Pitt book has birth either 1780 or 1785. I use the earlier date because the 1800 census reports him as married and between the ages of 16 to 26.

      1. The following document evidences the death of Henry Graybeal and establishes many of his children and their spouses. It is from the website accessed 18 Dec 2008. File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Kyle R Graybeal May 29, 2008:
      "Written: February 8, 1842. Recorded: May 24, 1852. Deed Book O, page 472-473.
      A deed executed by the heirs of Henry Graybeal to Eli Graybeal, son of Henry, for a piece of land which Henry had apparently sold to Eli, but for which there was no official record of the transaction with the county court. Though the deed was written in 1843, it still was not recorded until 1852:
      'Heirs of Henry Graybeal, deceased deed to Eli Graybeal 50 Acres
      This indenture made this Eight day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & forty four Between the under name heirs of Henry Graybeal deceased a part of which lives in the County of Ashe & State of North Carolina & the others in the county of Washington state of Virginia on the one part and Eli Graybeal of the County of Ashe & State of North Carolina of the other part witnesseth that the said Henry Graybeal deceased hath during his life time hath bargained & sold unto the above named Eli Graybeal a certain tract or parcel of land by Estimation forty acres lying & being in the County of Ashe on the Laurel Fork of the North fork of New River which he the said Graybeal deceased had received full satisfaction for in his own life time situate as follows
      Beginning on a branch on the south side of the creek running west ninety poles to a locust then north sixty six poles to a ashe [sic] then east with an agreed line forty poles to a cherry near the creek then south sixty degrees East fifty six poles to a beach then East forty poles to a white oak on agreed corner then west on agreed line that divides s'd tract on southward direction to a sugar tree on agreed corner then with the agreed line on a south east direction to a horn beam saplin [sic] on the bank of the creek at or near the old line of s'd tract then with said line to the Beginning it being a part of a fifty acre tract of land granted to Henry Graybeal in the year Eighteen hundred & twenty two for which we the under named heirs do hereby acknowledge the receipt of the sum of thirty dollars to henry Graybeal in his own life time it being the full amount of the price given for s'd land & we do hereby give grant and convey unto the said Eli all of the above named land together with all of its woods waters mines minerals hereditaments & appurtenances those unto belonging or in anywise appertaining to have and to hold use possess occupy and enjoy free and clear of all debts dues demands hinderance or molestations of any kind whatsoever.
      We bind ourselves or heirs Executors & Administrators severly firmly and jointly by these presents to warrant & forever defend the aforesaid premises to the aforesaid Eli his heirs or assigns forever to his ??? proper use & behoof in his ??? whereof we have here unto set our hands & seals the day & year being first above writen [sic] signed sealed & delivered in presents of us.
      Sally Graybeal, Jno Osborn & wife, Nancy Osborn, Jeremiah Osborn & wife Christiany Osborn, George McGuire, Polly McGuire, David Farmer, Elizabeth Farmer, David Graybeal, Joseph Graybeal, James Langly, Margaret Langly, Andrew Graybeal, Pleasant Eastridge, Phebe Eastridge, John Graybeal, Ephraim Roark, Emilla Roark
      Attest: Samuel ??? Jurat, Levi Peninton, Jeremiah Osborn, David Graybeal
      State of North Carolina} Feb term 1852 Ashe County). The within deed duly proven in open court & ordered to be registered. Jno Ray C.C.C. by N W Waugh. May the 24th 1852. Joseph Cox C. R., by S. Cox Dr.'"