Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lavridsen, Christen  Abt 1775Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1766
2 Pedersen, Marie  Abt 1900Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2904


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andersdatter, Ane Kjerstine  1 Oct 1797Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I700
2 Andersdatter, Else Marie  14 Aug 1796Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1719
3 Andersdatter, Inger  20 Mar 1802Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2927
4 Andersen, Lars Christian  25 Aug 1799Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1720
5 Kristensen, Mikkel Kristian  5 Apr 1872Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1057
6 Nielsdatter, Anne  5 Oct 1738Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2909
7 Nielsdatter, Inger  31 Mar 1734Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1717
8 Nielsdatter, Inger  8 Dec 1743Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2911
9 Nielsdatter, Maren  29 Jan 1741Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2910
10 Nielsen, Anders  22 Aug 1731Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1770
11 Nielsen, Christen  18 Jan 1733Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2907
12 Nielsen, Christen  17 Jun 1736Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2908
13 Pedersen, Christine  29 Oct 1871Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1585
14 Pedersen, Niels Christian Laurits  4 Mar 1844Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1739
15 Pedersen, Niels Marius Soe  28 Oct 1840Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1738
16 Pedersen, Niels Marius Soe  23 Jul 1865Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1744
17 Pedersen, Peder Poulsen  21 Aug 1870Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1682
18 Villardsen or Willadsen, Christen  17 Dec 1699Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2914
19 Villardsen or Willadsen, Jens  15 Jan 1702Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2912
20 Villardsen or Willadsen, Mads  15 Aug 1706Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2913
21 Villardsen or Willadsen, Niels  24 Jun 1698Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1721


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Johanne  22 May 1938Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2903
2 Hansen Roddenberg, Lars  18 Jun 1826Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2896
3 Pedersen, Anton Christen  21 Oct 1953Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1574
4 Pedersen, Karl or Carl Marius  24 Feb 1967Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1758
5 Pedersen, Niels Peter  24 Dec 1920Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1759


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Johanne  Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2903
2 Andersdatter, Ane Kjerstine  1 Sep 1882Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I700
3 Andersdatter, Else  5 Jan 1772Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1722
4 Andersen, Maren  Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1053
5 Christensen, Inger Kathrine  Abt 1921Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1734
6 Jensdatter, Inger  6 Jan 1730Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1726
7 Jensen, Laust  11 Mar 1810Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1716
8 Kristensen, Mikkel Kristian  Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1057
9 Laursdatter, Anna  17 Nov 1844Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1715
10 Laursen, Anders  8 Mar 1837Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1714
11 Mickelsen, Maren Catherine  1 Mar 1896Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I2634
12 Nielsdatter, Inger  18 Nov 1810Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1717
13 Nielsen, Willadz or Villard  3 May 1739Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1725
14 Pedersdatter, Kirsten  7 Oct 1838Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1723
15 Pedersdatter, Maria Nicoline Christine Soe  7 Oct 1838Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1736
16 Pedersen, Anders  Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1733
17 Pedersen, Anton Christen  Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1574
18 Pedersen, Kirstine Ingersine  21 Oct 1838Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1737
19 Pedersen, Niels Peter  Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I1759
20 Poulsen, Peder  12 Aug 1874Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark I356


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Christensen / Andersen  15 Oct 1901Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F1075
2 Christensen / Pedersdatter  12 Oct 1869Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F955
3 Hansen Roddenberg / Pedersdatter  6 Dec 1817Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F1307
4 Kristensen / Andersen  9 Jun 1916Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F632
5 Nielsen / Jensdatter  19 Dec 1697Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F953
6 Nielsen / Michelsdatter  20 Feb 1794Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F933
7 Pedersen / Christensen  24 Oct 1862Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F956
8 Pedersen / Christensen  18 Nov 1864Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F885
9 Pedersen / Christensen  5 Sep 1867Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F957
10 Pedersen / Christensen  10 Sep 1868Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F310
11 Poulsen / Andersdatter  29 May 1827Vestervig, Refs, Thisted, Denmark F269