Iowa Falls, Iowa
August 2, 1935
To All Interested Parties-

            The Executor and attorneys have made an exhaustive search for several months to find the persons entitled to take as beneficiaries under the will of Charles P. Rothenberger, Deceased, and following you will find the list as the same now stands, we believe it to be correct. If there are any changes or corrections to be made they should be made without delay as the Executor expects to make distribution of the estate as soon as possible and probably in October. The notice enclosed was ordered by the Court and on September, 4th, 1935, it is expected that the Will will be construed by the Court as to Paragraphs 15 and 16, and as to whether the parties taking under said paragraphs shall take per capita or per stirpes, or in other words whether all of the heirs of any one uncle or aunt of the deceased, regardless of the degree of relationship, take equally, or whether they take by families.
            Taking the heirs of Mrs. George Schneider for example, who are entitled to one-sixth of he estate, it is our claim and opinion that each of her six children, or their heirs, take a sixth of a sixth of this estate and thus we find that each of her living heirs Laura Swick, Caroline Kimm, Mary Lacher and Rosa Bausch, each take one-thirtysixth, and the heirs of Louis Schneider take one-thirtysixth to be divided equally between them, as will also the heirs of Emma Kimm, except that her grandchildren will take their deceased parents' shares. If any of you have any different claim or contention you can be heard at the hearing of which you have just been notified. At any rate you have a right to be heard both on construction of will and the shares the various beneficiaries are entitled to.
F.D. Peet, Executor,
Bryson & Bryson, Attys for the Estate.

List of C.P. Rothenberger's Heirs and Beneficiaries.

His father's three sisters were as follows- Mrs. George Schneider, Bridget Gossman and Emma Ware.

Mrs. George Schneider had 1 son and 5 daughters as follows-
Louis Schneider, Emma Kimm, Laura Swick, Caroline Kimm, Mary Lacher and Rosa Bausch.
1- Louis Schneider's heirs are as follows-
            Gertrude Drake, 118 North S wall Drive, Los Angeles, California.
            Evelyn Brown, Route #1, Marshalltown, Iowa.
            E. L. Schneider, 4528 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
            George A. Schneider, 1065 Le Claire Place, Los Angeles, California.
            Clara Dern, 4107 Bemis Street, Los Angeles, California.
            Kathryn Roupe, 107 North 2nd Street, Marshalltown,Iowa.
2- Emma Kimm's heirs are as follows-
            Henry Kimm, Blairstown, Iowa.
            Archie Kimm, Blairstown, Iowa.
            Matt T. Kimm, Blairstown, Iowa.
            Gus H. Kimm, Jr; Blairstown, Iowa.
            Abbie Wodstrchill, Watkins, Iowa.
            John Kimm, Watkins, Iowa
            Laura Hotchkiss, 1206 3rd Street S.W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
            Emma Lowe, Route #4, Huron South Dakota.
            Charles Kimm, Belle Plaine, Iowa.
            Alice Boone, 714 Minnesota Ave., Huron, South Dakota.
            Maggie Johnson, No.9 Florence Ave. SW, Huron, South Dakota.
            Martin Kimm, Vinton, Iowa.
            Ella Merrfield, 203-27th Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
            Mayme Kimm Burdicker, deceased, left the following children-
                        Emma Coon, 1045-5th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
                        Edna Shores, 1113 West State Street, Rockford, Illinois.
                        Eldo Burdicker, 67 East Canfield Street, Detroit, Michigan.
                        Earl Burdicker, 13524 Wark Ave., Detroit, Michigan.
                        Albert Kimm, deceased, left one child Virginia
                                    Kimm, New London, Iowa
                        Delia Kimm, died at 4 years of age and before her mother did.
3- Laura Swick, Watkins, Iowa.
4- Caroline Kimm, Blairstown, Iowa.
5- Mary Lacher, 609 SE 14th Street, Des Moines, Iowa.
6- Rosa Bausch, Atkinson, Nebraska.

Bridget Gossman had four sons and five daughters as follows-

1- Michael Gossman, (Deceased) whose grandson and only heir is
            Louis C. Gossman, 305 Bennet Street, Crooksville,Ohio.
2- Louis S. Gossman (Died 1920 unmarried)
3- William A. Gossman, Route #3, Columbus, Nebraska.
4- Charles A. Gossman, Route #1, Platte Center,Nebraska.
5- Mary Brecht, died 1875 leaving two children as follows-
            William S. Brecht, Route #2, Coshocton, Ohio.
            Anna V. Brecht, Route #2, Coshocton, Ohio.
6- Caroline Euteneuer, died Jan., 27th, 1923, leaving the following heirs-
            Louis G. Euteneuer, Route #3, Columbus, Nebraska.
            John F. Euteneuer, Route #2, Lindsay, Nebraska.
            William J. Euteneuer, Route #3, Columbus,Nebraska.
7- Amy L. Frimml, Wesley, Iowa.
8- Matilda Maag, Watkins, Iowa
9- Rachel Rambo, Crooksville, Ohio.

Emma Ware, deceased. had 3 sons and 3 daughters, as follows-

1- Valentine S. War, Route #1, Central Point, Oregon.
2- Kenneth V. Ware, 1149 La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, California.
3- Leo E. Ware, 323 Fuller Avenue, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
4- Stella Ware, died unmarried at Ingersoll, Oklahoma.
5- Annice Knapp, 324 North Milpass Street, Santa Barbara, California.
6- Rilla Ware, 1111 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

Rothenberger's Mother was Mary Ann (Rehart)
Rothenberger and had six (6) brothers as follows- Joseph Rehart, Jr; Andrew Rehart, John Rehart, Solomon V. Rehart, Charles A. Rehart, Jacob Rehart.

1- Joseph Rehart, Jr; (deceased) has 1 son and 1 daughter as follows-
            George Rehart, Santoy, Ohio.
            Lizzie Verfers, Corning, Ohio.
2- Andrew Rehart, died unmarried.
3- John Rehart, died July, 3rd, 1923, and had fourdaughters as follows-
            Elizabeth Agatha Rains, 3717 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn.
            Ellen Isabelle Grant, 3010 Union Street, San Diego, California.
            Elsie Ione Higdon, died six years ago leaving no       heirs except sisters
            Anna Rebecca Rupert, 1209 Powell Street, St.Joseph, Missouri.
4- Solomon V. Rehart, now living, 14359 Van Owen Street, Van Nuys, California
5- Charles A. Rehart, died March, 17th, 1923, had 14 children as follows-
            Mildred Barry, 1206 - 40th Avenue, San Francisco, California.
            Ethel Toel, 435 Jersey Street, San Francisco, California.
            Theodore Rehart, 435 Jersey Street, San Francisco, California
            George A. Rehart, J Street North, Lakeview, Oregon.
            Kate Metzker, Lakeview, Oregon.
            John William Rehart, Lakeview, Oregon.
            Charles Arthur Rehart, Lakeview, Oregon.
            Roy E. Rehart, Lakeview, Oregon.
            Benjamin Rehart, Pendleton, Oregon, John William
            Rehart, Guardian.
            Ruby Arnold, Lakeview, Oregon.
            Agnes Marie Thomas, 1650 D Street, Sparks, Nevada.
            Ella Grob, Chiloquin, Oregon.
            Edna Musgrave, 705 East 6th Street, Albany, Oregon.
            Rose E. Bryan, McKinley, Oregon.
6- Jacob Rehart, deceased, had five (5) children, as follows-
            Charles V. Rehart, Box 323 Fillmore, California.
            Raymond L. Rehart, Piru, California.
            Solomon A. Rehart, 1308 West Vernon Ave. Los Angeles, California.
            Anna Scott, Pine Knot Post Office, California. Box 256.
            Minnie Walker, deceased, had 1 daughter and heir, as follows-
            Louise Anna Walker, 605 South Bristol, Street, Santa Ana, California.

The heirs of Joseph Rehart, Sr; by his second wife, and who were C.P. Rothenberger's mother's half brothers and sisters were as
follows, there were eight (8) of them-

            1- Anna T. Quishenberry, Route #4, Vinita, Oklahoma.
            2- Elizabeth Dorsey, 5604 Tracy Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.
            3- George A. Rehart, 619 - 16th Street, Huntington Beach, California.
            4- Rose Stehm, died May, 7th, 1923, has five (5) children as follows-
                        Roseanna Laughter, 502 North Galena Street,
                        Joplin, Missouri.
                        Marie Randolph, 1401 North Street, Joplin, Missouri.
                        Emma McCulley, 506 North Galena Street, Joplin, Missouri.
                        Percy. J. Stehm, 110 Railroad Avenue, Joplin, Missouri
                        Lizzie Schnur, deceased, who has two sons, as follows-
                                    Jack Schnur, Aruba, Dutch West Indies, Care of Pan-American Petroleum Co.
                                    Paul Schnur, Aruba, Dutch West Indies, " " " " " "
            5- Mary Huff, died January, 9th, 1882, leaving one daughter and heir, to-wit-
                        Sarah Frances, Frizelle, 2032 Maple Street, Wichita, Kansas.
            6- Louis Rehart, died November, 1st, 1880, leaving no heirs but brothers and sisters.
            7- Leo Rehart, deceased, three children, as follows-
                        Ross L. Rehart, 14606 Victory Boulevard, Van Nuys, California.
                        Anna Lee Bailey, 88 Murdoch Street, Richmond, California.
                        Ruth Mc Arthur, deceased, who left two children and heirs as follows-
            Marvin McArthur, 1602-3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, California
            Beulah Runkel, Route #2, Milford, Nebraska.
8- Emma Dorsey, died May, 16th, 1935, had seven (7) children as follows-
            Agnes Shirk, 1408 South Osage, Independence, Missouri.
            Esther Burner, 2459 Denver, Ave., Kansas City, Missouri.
            Mildred Clark, 212 Rose Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin.
            Lulu Utter, 2459 Denver Ave., Kansas City, Missouri.
            Timothy R. Dorsey, 10415 East 18th St.,Independence, Missouri.
            Emma Rehart Dorsey, 2459 Denver Ave., Kansas City, Missouri.
            Margaret Cresswell, 2727 Quincy Street, Kansas City, Missouri.