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51 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I140)
52 ? Mary E. Tarbert Birth? Deersville, Harrison, Ohio Tarbert, Mary E. (I259)
53 ? Nichodemus Miller or Nicholas Miller Captain Miller, Nicholas Captain (I826)
54 ? Nottingham TWP

Knox, Adeline (I277)
55 ? South Bend, St. Joe, Indiana Allen, Jack Delmer (I481)
56 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I499)
57 ? Wilton or Wilton Junction Bausch, Adolph (I406)
58 ?County? Lawrence, Adelaide Elizabeth (I364)
59 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I621)
60 ?West Branch Wash or West Branch Michigan family group sheet shows washington Emerson, Guy Benjamin (I1204)
61 According to the estate papers of his cousin, Charles P. Rothenberger, dated Aug. 1935, Michael J. Gossman had 1 grandson living, named Louis C. Gossman (Crooksvillle, Ohio).

Downloaded from Rootsweb WorldConnect Project, file of Helen Rehart Fagerburg <>. 
Gossman, Michael J. (I2100)
62 Action add 3 Chrildren need to be add (sister) Jody (I2055)
1. Check the actual entry in Danish records. This entry was found as a burial record hint in Family Search and was unexpected since I had previously thought the births ended in 1708. The parents' names are correct but they would be age 43. Get help in reading from Danish help. 
Pedersdatter, Anne (I5590)
1. Find all 16 children referenced in the obituary above. 
Family F417
65 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I37)
66 ACTION: birth 1905? Tarbert, Lawrence Earl (I66)
67 ACTION: Birth? Ipswich, Essex Massachusetts? Waldo, Mary (I170)
68 ACTION: Check B5F10 Waldo Gen pp. 12-48 and A3F6 P. 1 Cogswell in Am (FHL US/CAN Film
897112 Item 1) 
Waldo, Cornelius (I157)
69 ACTION: check death & burial place & date - 24 Mar 1982 Tarbert, Nellie May (I64)
70 ACTION: Check this information in the 1900 census (It was reported that the 1900 census added him) Kirsch, Charles C. (I345)
71 ACTION: Conflict 1882 or 1884, family group sheet says 1884 from Jessie Waldo Bausch, Caroline Rachel (I132)
72 ACTION: Death 23 Nov 1956? Atkinson, Holt, Nebraska Bausch, Stephen (I408)
73 ACTION: Order obit: SWICK, Vernon D [VAUGHN][RAMPLEY]; 81; West Point IA; Hawk Eye; 1997-12-17; slw. This was found @ Swick, Vernon D. (I2082)
74 ACTION: Order the History collections of Harrison County by chess a. Hanna to check if deathday of Thomas & Elanor are on page 358. If so fix notes on back of page family group sheet of Vera Tarbert.

History Collections of Harrison County by Chess A. Hanna (GS Ser. no. 977.168 H2H
Thomas Knox came to America from Ireland when 13 years old (abt 1810) 
Knox, Thomas (I269)
75 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I38)
76 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I36)
77 Age 10 in 1841 Gough, Rosa (I977)
78 Age 15 in 1841 Gough, Mary Ann (I976)
79 age 53 in 1850 Simpson, Alexander (I281)
80 Age 8 in 1841 British Census-Pownal Fee, Wilmslow District, Chester Co., England Film #241246 Stevens, Joseph (I969)
81 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1362)
82 Also known as Charlie or Carl.

SOURCE: Family Group Sheet ; Compiled by Jesse Waldo. Information abtained by Karl Baush

Also known as Charlie! 
Bausch, Charles (I405)
83 Also known as Fred. Bausch, Friedrich (I413)
84 Also known as Henry. Bausch, Heinrich (I414)
85 Also known as Willie. Bausch, William (I415)
86 Ancestral File & IGI North America Rubble or Ruble or Rubel, David (I1090)
87 ANNA MARGARETHA SPENGLER; Female; Birth: 26 DEC 1731 Laudenbach, Mannheim, Baden; Death: 16 SEP 1762; Baptism: 22 JUN 1972 OGDEN; Endowment: 11 JUL 1972 OGDEN; Sealing to Parents: 26 AUG 1972 OGDEN; JOH. PHILIPP SPENGLER / ANNA CATHARINA; Father: JOH. PHILIPP SPENGLER; Mother: ANNA CATHARINA; Batch Number: 7204614 Sheet: 12 Source Call No.: 0820215 Type: Film Note: IGI shows Catharina as surname.

ANNA MARGARETHA SPENGLER; Female; Sealing to Spouse: 24 AUG 1972 OGDEN; JOH. GEORGEBERLE; Father: JOH. PHILIPP SPENGLERANNA C; Mother: ANNA CATHARINA; Spouse: JOH. GEORG EBERLE; Marriage: 16 JAN 1748 Laudenbach, Mannheim, Baden; Batch Number: 7204614 Sheet: 42 Source Call No.: 0820215 Type: Film 
Spengler, Anna Margaretha (I1489)
88 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2459)
89 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I661)
90 “Royal Ancestry: A Study in Colonial & Medieval Families,” Douglas Richardson (2013):
“ARNULF (or ARNOUL) II the Young, Marquis of Flanders, 964/965-987/988, Lay-abbot of Saint-Bertin, son and heir, born about 961-962. He married SUZANNE (or ROZALA), daughter of Berengario II, King of Italy, by Willa, daughter of Boson, Count of Arles [see Line D, Gen. 6 below for her ancestry]. They had one son, Baldwin (IV) [Count/Marquis of Flanders], and one daughter, Mathilde. ARNULF II, Marquis of Flanders, died 23 (or 30) March 987-988, and was buried in the abbey of Saint-Pierre, Gand. His widow, Susanne, married (2nd) before 1 April 988 (date of charter) (as his 1st wife) ROBERT II, King of France (died 20 July 1031) [see FRANCE 2]. They had no issue, and were divorced in 992. In June 1003 Queen Suzanne and her son, Baudouin, made a grant to the Abbey of Saint-Pierre-au-Mont-Blandin in Gand. She died 13 Dec. 1003, and was buried in the church of the Abbey of Saint-Pierre-au-Mont-Blandin at Gand.
Histoire des Comtes de Flandre (1698): 20-26. Panckoucke Abrégé Chronologique de l’Histoire de Flandre (1762): 25-27. Galopin Historiae Flandricae (1781): 7-9. De Smet Recueil des Chroniques de Flandre 1 (1837): 533 (Chronicorum Flandriae sub A.D. 988: "Arnulphus Junior, comes Flandriae nepos Magni Arnulphi, obiit et in Blandinio sepelitur. Cui successit Balduinus Barbatus filius ejus."), 536 (Chronicorum Flandriae sub A.D. 1002: "Susanna regina, uxor Roberti Francorum regis, obiit, et in Blandinio juxta Arnulphum Juniorem, Flandriae comitem, suum priorem marituni, sepelitur. Haec prius dicebatur Rozala, cum esset uxor Arnulphi; post cujus obitum, accepto Roberto rege, Susanna dicta est."). Kervyn de Volkaersbeke Les Églises de Gand 2 (1838): 218-220. Monumenta Germaniae Historica SS V (1844): 19 (Annales Elnonenses Minores sub A.D. [950-9681: "Arnulfus junior uxorem duxit filiam Beregeri regis Susannam."), 19 (Annales Elnonenses Minores sub A.D. 988: "Obiit Arnulfus iunior."), 19 (Annales Elnonenses Minores sub A.D. 1003: "Obiit Susanna regina."), 19 (Annales Elnonenses Minores sub A.D. 1031: "Obiit Rotbertus rex."). Poinsignon Richeri historiarum quatuor libri: Histoire de Richer en quatre livres (1855): 469 ("Sur ces entrefaites, le roi Robert, qui était dans sa dix-neuvième année, dans la fleur de la jeunesse, répudia sa femme Susanne, d'origine italienne, parce qu'elle était trop vieille pour lui."). Lépinois & Merlet Cartulaire de Notre-Dame de Chartres 3 (1865): 141 (Chartularium B.M. Carnutensis: XIII Kalendas Augusti [20 July] - Obiit Rotbertus, rex"). Wauters Table Chronologique des Chartes et Diplômes Imprimés 1 (1866): 380, 382, 385, 386 (charter of marquis Arnoul dated 972), 412, 415-416, 443 (charter of Queen Susanne and her son, Baudouin, dated 1003). Recueil des Historiens des Gaules et de la France 10 (1874): 365 (Ex Vita S. Bertulfi Abbatis Renticensis: "Post immaturain a Arnulfi Junioris Marchionis mortem, cujus avus magnus exstitit Arnulfus, Balduinus filius ejus com matre Rozala derelictus est parvulus. His enim est qui postea Prolixæ-barbæ dictus est Balduinus, cujus Principis Roberto Regi Francorum nupsit, et Susanna dicta, mutato nomine, Regina regnavit."). Compte-rendu des Séances de la Commission Royale d'Histoire 5th Ser. 9 (1898): 142-180 (sub Comtes de Flandre). Brandenburg Die Nachkommen Karls des Großen (1935) VII 41, VIII 43. Strecker Die Lateinischen Dichter des Deutschen Mittelalters (Monumenta Germaniæ Historica: Die Ottonenzeit 5(1)) (1937): 297-300. Schwennicke Europäische Stammtafeln 2 (1984): 5 (sub Flanders), 59 (sub Burgund Ivrea). Winter Descs. of Charlemagne (800-1400) (1987): VII.94, V111.122, VIII.114-VIII.115a, IX.18. Van Kerrebrouck Les Capétians 987-1328 (2000): 55-64.” 
of Flanders, Mathilde (I6473)
91 “Royal Ancestry: A Study in Colonial & Medieval Families,” Douglas Richardson (2013):
“HENRY nicknamed “Beauclerc,” King of England, Duke of Normandy, Count of Cotentin...
Illegitimate son of King Henry I of England, by his mistress, Sibyl Corbet:
i. REYNOLD FITZ ROY, Earl of Cornwall, Sheriff of Devon, 1173-5. He married in 1140 MABEL FITZ WILLIAM, daughter of William Fitz Richard, of Cornwall. They had one son, Nicholas, and four daughters, Denise (wife of Richard de Redvers, Earl of Devon), Maud, Sarah (wife of Ademar, Vicomte of Limoges), and Emme (wife of Guy V de Laval, seigneur of Laval). By a mistress, Beatrice de Valle (or Vaux) (afterwards wife of William Briwerre, Knt.), he had an illegitimate son, Henry Fitz Count. By an unknown mistress, he also had one illegitimate son, William. He was granted the lands of William, Earl of Mortain, amounting to 215-1/2 fees in Devon and Cornwall. He was created Earl of Cornwall about April 1141. He and Robert, Earl of Leicester, were recognized by contemporaries as "the most powerful men in the kingdom." His wife, Mabel, fell into insanity in the 1140s. He witnessed a charter of Henry d'Oilly in the period, 1114-47. In 1153 he witnessed the agreement between King Stephen and Henry, Duke of Normandy [afterwards King Henry II]. He and Robert, Earl of Leicester, acted as intermediary between the king and Thomas Becket at Northampton in 1164. He played a major part in opposing the rebels of 1173-4 in England. REYNOLD FITZ ROY, Earl of Cornwall died 1 July 1175, allegedly at Chertsey, Surrey, and was buried at Reading, Berkshire. Dugdale Baronage (1675): 702 (sub Briwere) ("[William Briwere] having married Beatrix de Valle, a Concubine, as 'tis said, to Reginald Earl of Cornwall (which is probable, for in a Grant made by Henry Son to the same Reginald [Earl of Cornwall], unto this William [Briwere], of the Mannor of Karswell, and Land of Hakford, he calls him his Brother")) [Note: Dugdale evidently intended to say that Henry Fitz Count's brother was William Briwere the younger, as it was William Briwere the elder was the husband of his mother, Beatrice de Valle]. Brooke Discoverie of Certaine Errours (1724): 6, 98 (undated charter of Reynold son of King Henry to William de Botreaux son of Alice Corbet his aunt [matertera]; charter witnessed by his son, Nicholas; his nephews/kinsmen [nepotibus], Ralph and Richard, and his brother, William), 112. Topographer 2 (1790): 288-291. Banks Genealogical Hist. of Divers Fams of the Ancient Peerage of England (1826): 301-305. Guizot Hist. des Ducs de Normandie par Guillaume de Jumiège (1826): 284-286 (Guillaume de Jumièges, Histoire des Normands, Liv. VIII, Chap. XXIX). Baker Hist. & Antiqs. of Northampton 2 (1836 11): 239-240 (Bruere or Briwere ped.). Collectanea Archæologica 1(1862): 263-284. Stubbs Gesta Regis Henrici Secundi Benedicti Abbatis (or Chron. of the Reigns of Henry II. & Richard I. A.D. 1169-1192) 1 (Rolls Ser. 49) (1867): 163 ("Deditque ibidem Hereberto filio Hereberti, et Willelmo fratri comitis Reginaldi, et Joelllano de la Pumerai, nepoti eorum, regnum be Limeric pro servitio sexaginta militum"), 172 ("Nam Herbertus, et Willelmus, fratres Reginaldi comitis Cornubiae, et Joellanus de Purnetia nepos eorum, regnum illud havere noluerunt; sed illud reddiderunt domino regi et Johanni filio suo liberum et quietum ab omni calurnnia eorum"). Le Fizelier Mémoire chronologique de Maucourt de Bourjolly sur la Ville de Laval 1 (1886): 136-142. Hall Red Book of the Exchequer 1 (Rolls Ser.) (1896): 251-253 (William brother of Earl Reynold [Willelmus frater Comitis Reginaldi] held 1/2 knight's fee of Robert Fitz Roy in 1166), 261-262 (William brother of the Earl [Willelmus frater Comitis] held four knight's fees Reynold, Earl of Cornwall in 1166). Rpt. & Trans. Devonshire Assoc. 29 (1897): 455-456. List of Sheriffs for England & Wales (PRO Lists and Indexes 9) (1898): 34. Salter Eynsham Cartulary 1 (Oxford Hist. Soc. 49) (1907): 75. C.P. 3 (1913): 429 (sub Cornwall); 11(1949): Appendix D, 105-121. Colls. Hist. Staffs. 1924 (1926): 9, 219. English Hist. Rev. 62 (1947): 352-377 (charter of William de Marsh brother of Reynold Earl of Cornwall [Willelmus de Marisco frater Reginaldi comitis Cornubie]). Kemp Reading Abbey Cartularies (Camden 4th Ser. 33) (1987): 6 (Reynold, Earl of Cornwall, styled "uncle" [avunculo] by Henry [II], later King of England, in charter dated 1147 or 1149). Minor & Butler eds. Letters of John of Salisbury 1 (Oxford Medieval Texts) (1955): 162-163. Schwennicke Europäische Stammtafeln 3(2) (1983): 354 (illegitimate children of King Henry I of England). Hull Cartulary of Launceston Priory (Devon & Cornwall Rec. Soc. n.s. 30) (1987): 9-10 (charter of Reynold, Earl of Cornwall dated c.1154-65), 10-11 (charter of Reynold, Earl of Cornwall dated c.1146-55), 11 (charter of Reynold, Earl of Cornwall dated c.1155-65), 195-196 (charter of Reynold, Earl of Cornwall dated c.1165-75, witnessed by his son, Nicholas), 196-197 (charter of Reynold, Earl of Cornwall dated c.1155-65), 197-198 (two confirmation charters of King Henry II of England naming his "uncle" [avunculus] Reynold, Earl of Cornwall, one dated c.1174-5, the other dated c.1174-6). Winter Descs. of Charlemagne (800-1400) (1987): 1(11.651, X111.996-1000. Fryde & Greenway Handbook of British Chronology (1996): 35. Hollister Henry 1(2003). Jour. of Medieval Hist. 29 (2003): 129-151. Green Henry I, King of England & Duke of Normandy (2006): Appendix I, Chart 2 (chart).Cornwall Rec. Office: Borough of Truro, BTRU/1 (charter of Reynold, Earl of Cornwall dated c.1161-66) (available at
Child of Reynold Fitz Roy, Earl of Cornwall, by Mabel Fitz William:
a. MAUD OF CORNWALL, married ROBERT II, Count of Meulan [see VERMANDOIS 7].
Illegitimate child of Reynold Fitz Roy, Earl of Cornwall, allegedly by Beatrice de Valle:
a. HENRY FITZ COUNT, of Liskeard, Cornwall and King's Kerswell, Devon, Constable of Totnes Castle, 1209, Governor of Portchester Castle, 1211, Sheriff of Cornwall, 1215, 1217-20, Constable of Launceston Castle and Warden of the Stanneries, 1215. In 1194 he was granted the manors of Liskeard, Cornwall and Diptford and King's Kerswell, Devon by the king. In 1196 he witnessed the Torre Abbey foundation charter issued by his alleged step-father, Sir William Briwerre. In 1215 he had a grant of the county of Cornwall from King John, to farm until the realm should be at peace. The grant was renewed by King Henry III 7 Feb. 1216/7. He resigned the county to the king in 1220, when he took the cross. HENRY FITZ COUNT died a crusader in 1222. Banks Genealogical Hist. of Divers Fams of the Ancient Peerage of England (1826): 301-305. Hunter Catalogue of the MSS in the library of the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn (1838): 13. Dugdale Monasticon Anglicanum 6(2) (1846): 924 (Torre Abbey foundation charter issued by William Briwer). Oliver Monasticon Dioecesis Exoniensis (1846): 174 (charter of Henry son of Reynold Earl of Cornwall; charter granted for the souls of his brothers and his mother), 179, 183. Trans. Exeter Diocesan Architectural & Arch. Soc. 2nd Ser. 1 (1867): 133-134. Annual Rpt. of the Deputy Keeper 31(1870): 5. Rpt. & Trans. Devonshire Assoc. 29 (1897): 456. List of Sheriffs for England & Wales (PRO Lists and Indexes 9) (1898): 21. Notes & Queries 9th Ser. 9 (1902): 295-296 ("But Reginald de Dunstanville [i.e., Reynold Fitz Roy, Earl of Cornwall] had also by Beatrix de Valle (who afterwards became the wife of William Brewer, the judge of Henry II. and one of the regents of Richard I.) an illegitimate son named Henry FitzCount (sometimes FitzHenry), who became in after years also Earl of Cornwall."). Genealogist n.s. 20 (1904): 10-11. C.P. 3 (1913): 430 (sub Cornwall). Painter Reign of King John (1949): 231, 290, 348, 358-359. Hobbs Cartulary of Forde Abbey (Somerset Rec. Soc. 85) (1998): 116 (charter of Henry Fitz Count dated 1200-22; charter witnessed by William Brewer). North Devon Rec. Office: Chichester of Arlington, 50/11/29/3 (confirmation of a gift of land dated early 13th Cent. from Henry son of Earl Reginald to William de Tracy of all his land of Wollecombe [in Mortehoe] and Boklande, Devon, which William and his ancestors held of Henry and his ancestors, lords of Bradneys, as the charter of Hugh Ruffus testifies. To have and to hold to the aforesaid William, his heirs and assigns, of Henry and his heirs for ever, rendering all due and customary services. Seal of Henry son of Earl Reginald - Round, natural wax, armorial, surrounded by legend giving name of owner, chipped. The arms on shield resemble those of Courtenay family, but the Courtenays did not become Earls till 14th Cent.) (available at Henry III Fine Rolls Project (Baldekin styled "kinsman" of H[enry] Fitz Count in a fine roll item dated 1220; by whom he was earlier granted lands in Cornwall formerly held by Robert de Tintagel) (available at" 
of Cornwall, Nicholas (I6430)
92 “Royal Ancestry: A Study in Colonial & Medieval Families,” Douglas Richardson (2013):
“RICHARD FITZ GILBERT (also known as RICHARD DE CLARE), of Clare, Suffolk, Tonbridge, Kent, and Cardigan, son and heir. He married ALICE (or ALICIA) OF CHESTER, daughter of Ranulph le Meschin, Earl of Chester, by his wife, Lucy. They had three sons, Gilbert [Earl of Hertford], Roger [Earl of Hertford (or Clare)], and Richard, and two daughters, Alice and Rohese. In 1124 he removed the Priory of Clare, Suffolk from its original site to Stoke by Clare, a few miles away, and rebuilt the church and monastic buildings for the monks. In 1130 he had pardons from exactions in four counties; the king also assisted him in the matter of a large debt to the Jewish moneylenders of London. He rebuilt the clas church of Llanbadarn Fawr, which his father had given to Gloucester Abbey, as a priory of the house. He founded a priory at Tonbridge, Kent. He was also active as a patron of Cardigan Priory. RICHARD FITZ GILBERT, lord of Clare, was surprised and slain by the Welsh, near Abergavenny 15 April 1136, and was buried at the Chapter House at Gloucester. Sometime before 1143 his widow, Alice, was rescued from the Welsh by Miles of Gloucester. About 1148 she gave the mill of Taddewell to the monks of St. Peter, Gloucester for the soul of her late husband, Richard Fitz Gilbert; this gift was confirmed by King Henry II in 1153-4.
Clutterbuck Hist. & Antiqs. of Hertford 3 (1827): 225-226 (Clare ped.). Coll. Top. et Gen. 1 (1834): 388. Lipscomb Hist. & Antiqs. of Buckingham 1 (1847): 200-201 (Clare ped.). Hart Historia et Cartularium Monasterii Sancti Petri Gloucestria 1 (1863): 104 (undated record that Alice, sister of Ranulph, Earl of Chester, gave the mill of Taddewell for the soul of Richard Fitz Gilbert her husband in the time of Abbot Hamelin [i.e., c. 1148]). Jour. British Arch. Assoc. 26 (1870): 149-160. Arch. Jour. 2nd Ser. 6 (1899): 221-231. Copinger Manors of Suffolk 1 (1905): 45-46 ("Gilbert Lord of Tonbridge died about 1091 and the manor passed with most of the estates to Richard who was taken prisoner by Robert de Beleswe at the siege of Couci in 1091 and is erroneously stated to have died from the effects of his incarceration which was the result. He was the first of the family who bore the title of Earl of Hertford. He acquired vast possessions in Wales as the result of a long continued warfare which he waged somewhat on his own account there. He was in 1136 killed in a combat with the Welsh chieftains Joworth and his brother Morgan-ap-Owen in a woody tract called 'the ill-way of Coed Grano,' near the Abbey of Llanthony."). C.P. 3 (1913):243 (sub Clare), 6:498-499, 10 (1945): 441 (author identifies Alice de Tonbridge, wife of William de Percy, on chronological grounds as more likely to be the daughter of Richard Fitz Gilbert; instead of the suggestion made by Round [see preceding generation] that her father was Richard's father Gilbert, who, moreover, had a da. Alice who m. Aubrey de Vere). Marx ed. Gesta Normannorum Ducum (1914): 325-326 (Guillaume de Jumièges: "Ricardus autem duxit sororem comitis Rannulfi junioris, comitis Cestriae, et habuit ex ea tres filios: Gislebertum, qui ei successit et fratres ejus."), 331 (Guillaume de Jumièges: "Hujus autem Rannulfi sororem duxit Ricardus, filius Gisleberti; ex qua suscepit tres filios."). Delisle Recueil des Actes de Henri Ill (1916): 67-68 (confirmation charter of King Henry II dated 1153 4). Paget (1957) 130:4-5 (Founder of Stoke-Clare Priory; slain near Brecknock, being ambushed and surprised by Jorwerth, brother of Morgan of Caerleon). Harper-Bill Stoke by Clare Cartulary 1 (Suffolk Charters 4) (1982): 30-31 (confirmation charter of Richard Fitz Gilbert, lord of Clare dated 1124-36). Rohan Domesday Descendants (2002): 399. Tanner Fams., Friends, & Allies (2004): 316 (Clare ped).
Children of Richard Fitz Gilbert, by Alice of Chester:
i. GILBERT DE CLARE, Lord of Clare, etc., son and heir, born before 1115; hostage for his uncle Ranulph, Earl of Chester; succeeded his father in the great family estates (which, besides the honour of Clare, included Tonbridge Castle), 15 April 1136. He married LUCY ___. They had no issue. He was created Earl of Hertford probably by King Stephen in (?1138). He and his uncle, Baldwin Fitz Gilbert, witnessed a charter for King Stephen in 1142. He witnessed a charter of his uncle, Gilbert, Earl of Pembroke, c.1147-8. GILBERT DE CLARE, 1st Earl of Hertford, died between 1151 and 1153, and was buried at Clare Priory. His widow, Lucy, married (2nd) between 1151/1155 (as his 2nd wife) BALDWIN DE REDVERS, in Earl of Devon (died 4 June 1155). Clutterbuck Hist. & Antiqs. of Hertford 3 (1827): 225-226 (Clare ped). Lipscomb Hist. & Antiqs. of Buckingham 1 (1847): 200-201 (Clare ped.). Jour. of the British Arch. Assoc. 26 (1870): 149-160. Copinger Manors of Suffolk 1(1905): 45-46. C.P. 3 (1913): 244 (sub Clare); 4 (1916): 311-312 (sub Devon); 6 (1926): 498-499 (sub Hertford) ("The Earl of Hertford's wife is unknown: he is generally supposed not to have married"). Leys Sandford Cartulary 1 (Oxfordshire Rec. Soc. 19) (1938): 35; 2 (Oxfordshire Rec. Soc. 22) (1941): 229 (charter of Gilbert, Earl of Pembroke dated c.1147-8; charter witnessed by [his nephew] Earl Gilbert de Clare). Ellis Cat. Seals in the P.R.O. 2 (1981): 25 (seal of Gilbert, Earl of Clare dated 1139-49 - On horseback, riding to the right. He wears chain mail and conical helmet with nasal, and holds a drawn sword and a shield charged with chevrons of which half only are visible.). Harper-Bill Stoke by Clare Cartulary 1 (Suffolk Charters. 4) (1982): 49-50. Beaman Charters of the Redvers Family & the Earldom of Devon, 1090-1217 (Devon & Cornwall Rec. Soc. n.s. 37) (1994): 5-11, 44, 80-82, 84-85.
ii. ROGER DE CLARE (otherwise ROGER FITZ RICHARD), 2nd Earl of Hertford [see next].
iii. ALICE DE CLARE, married before 1151 CADWALADR AP GRUFFUDD AP CYNAN, Prince of North Wales, of Cynfael, Meirion, younger son of Gruffudd ap Cynan, by Angharad, daughter of Owain ab Edwin. They had four sons, Cunedda (or Conan), Randwlff, Gruffudd, and Richard. During his father's lifetime he accompanied his elder brother, Owain, on many predatory excursions against rival princes. In 1121 they ravaged Meirionydd, and apparently conquered it. In 1135 and 1136 they led three successful expeditions to Ceredigion, and managed to get possession of at least the northern portion of that district. In 1137 Owain succeeded, on Gruffudd ap Cynan's death, to the sovereignty of Gwynedd or North Wales. Cadwaladr appears to have found his portion in his former conquests of Meirionydd and northern Ceredigion. The intruder from Gwynedd soon became involved in feuds both with his south Welsh neighbours and with his family. In 1143 his men slew Anarawd, son of Gruffudd of South Wales, to whom Owain Gwynedd had promised his daughter in marriage. Repudiated by his brother, who sent his son Howel to ravage his share of Ceredigion and to attack his castle of Aberystwith, Cadwaladr fled to Ireland, whence he returned next year with a fleet of Irish Danes, to wreak vengeance on Owain. The fleet had already landed at the mouth of the Menai Straits when the intervention of the `goodmen' of Gwynedd reconciled the brothers. Disgusted at what they probably regarded as treachery, the Irish pirates seized and blinded Cadwaladr, and only released him on the payment of a heavy ransom of 2,000 bondmen (some of the chroniclers say cattle). Their attempt to plunder the country was successfully resisted by Owain. In 1146, however, fresh hostilities broke out between Cadwaladr and his brother's sons Howel and Cynan. They invaded Meirionydd and captured his castle of Cynvael, despite the valiant resistance of his steward, Morvran, abbot of Whitland. This disaster lost Cadwaladr Meirionydd, and so hard was he pressed that, despite his building a castle at Llanrhystyd in Ceredigion (1148), he was compelled to surrender his possessions in that district to his son, apparently in hope of a compromise; but Howel next year captured his cousin and conquered his territory, while the brothers of the murdered Anarawd profited by the dissensions of the princes of Gwynedd to conquer Ceredigion as far north as the Aeron, and soon extended their conquests into Howel's recent acquisitions. Meanwhile Cadwaladr was expelled by Owain from his last refuge in Mona. Cadwaladr now seems to have taken refuge with the English, with whom, if we may believe a late authority, his marriage with a lady of the house of Clare had already connected him (Powel, History of Cambria, p. 232, ed. 1584). The death of Stephen put an end to the long period of Welsh freedom under which Cadwaladr had grown up. In 1156 he was temporarily granted an estate at Ness, Shropshire worth £7 a year. In 1157 Henry II's first expedition to Wales, though by no means a brilliant success, was able to effect Cadwaladr's restoration to his old dominions. Despite his blindness, Cadwaladr had not lost his energy. In 1158 he joined the marcher lords and his nephews in an expedition against Rhys ap Gruffudd of South Wales. In 1165 Cadwaladr took part in the general resistance to Henry II's third expedition to Wales. In 1169 the death of Owain Gwynedd probably weakened his position. In March 1172 Cadwaladr himself died, and was buried in the same tomb as Owain, before the high altar of Bangor Cathedral (Gir. Cambr. It. Camb. in Op. (Rolls ed.), iii. 133). In 1156 he was temporarily granted an estate at Ness, Shropshire worth £7 a year. He died in 1172, and was buried before the high altar of Bangor Cathedral. Wynn Hist. of the Gnydir Fam. (1827): 20. Price Hanes Cymru (1942): 549 (charter of Cadwalader brother of Owain to Haughmond Abbey). Dwnn Heraldic Vis. of Wales 2 (1846): 17 ("Kynneda a Rickart a Randiolff, meibion oeddynt hwy y Gydwaladr ab Grh ab Kynan o Adles vh larll Kaer y mam hwyntey."). Lipscomb Hist. & Antiqs. of Buckingham 1 (1847): 200-201 (Clare ped). Burke Gen. & heraldic Dictionary of the landed Gentry of Great Britain 1 (1852): 743. Arch. Cambrensis 3rd Ser. 6 (1860): 332 (charter of Cadwaladr brother of Owain; charter witnessed by Aliz de Clare his wife); 4th Ser. 6 (1875): 117. Eyton Antiqs. of Shropshire 10 (1860): 256-257 ("In 1151, says the Welsh Chronicle, `Cadwalader, the brother of Prince Owen, escaped out of his Nephew Howes prison and subdued part of the Ile of Mein, or Anglesey, to himselfe; but his brother Owen sent an armie against him, and chased him thence, who fled to England for succour to his wife's friends, for she was the daughter of Gilbert Earl of Clare.' Between 1151 and 1152 Ranulf, Earl of Chester ... confirmed the Monks of Shrewsbury in the possession of all their lands between the Ribble and the Mersey. 'The Earl's Charter is dated at Chester, and attested as follows. - Testibus, Comite de Clara, et Cadwaladro ... The Earl of Clare here alluded to, was Gilbert. He was Nephew of Earl Ranulph himself, and, in the year 1146, had been given up to Stephen as a hostage for his Uncle's good faith and allegiance. His flight from Stephen's Court is recorded by the Chroniclers. It is evident that he took refuge with his Uncle. He died, in 1151 without issue, and was succeeded by his brother Roger. This fact, as well as a comparison of dates and ages, will show that Cadwalader's wife, Alice, was a Sister of Earl Gilbert and a daughter of Earl Richard de Clare, and, finally, a niece of Ranulph, Earl of Chester. For a time he [Cadwallader] remained in alliance with the English, as when, in 1159, he assisted the Earls of Clare and of Bristol to relieve Carmarthen, then besieged by Prince Rese of South Wales. He was also a munificent Benefactor to Haughmond Abbey. In 1165 he is found leagued with Owen Gwyneth against the English, and probably retained that adverse position till his death in 1172."). Nicholas Annals & Antiqs. of the Counties & County Fams. of Wales 1 (1872): 43; foll. 442. Lloyd Hist. of the Princes, the Lords Marcher & the Ancient Nobility of of Powys Fadog 1(1881): 96, 107, 151; 4 (1884): 323, 341; 5 (1885): 367. D.N .B. 3 (1908): 642-643 (biog. of Cadwaladr). Lloyd Hist. of Wales 2 (1911): 76, 93-101, 315, 317. Fryde Handbook of British Chron. (1996): 50. Maund Gruffierld ap Cynan (1996). Jour. Medieval Military Hist. 2 (2004): 58. Pryce Acts of Welsh rulers, 1120-1283 (2005): 330-331. Hosier Henry II (2007): 54.
Child of Alice de Clare, by Cadwaladr:
a. CONAN AP CADWALADR. Ward Women of the English Nobility & Gentry 1066-1500 (1995): 42; 93-94 (charter of Maud, wife of Roger earl of Clare dated 1152-73; charter witnessed by Richard brother of the earl and Conan nephew of the earl).
iv. ROHESE DE CLARE, married (1st) GILBERT DE GANT, Earl of Lincoln [see GANT 2.i], (2nd) ROBERT FITZ ROBERT, of Ilkley, Yorkshire [see GANT 2.i]. “

2. “Royal Ancestry: A Study in Colonial & Medieval Families,” Douglas Richardson (2013):
“MAUD OF GLOUCESTER, married before 1135 RANULPH DE GERNONS, Knt., 5th Earl of Chester, lord of Eastham and Macclesfield, Cheshire, Coventry, Warwickshire, Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, and Greetham, Lincolnshire, etc., hereditary Vicomte of Avranches in Normandy, son and heir of Ranulph (nicknamed le Meschin), 4th Earl of Chester, hereditary Vicomte of Bayeux, by Lucy, widow of Ives de Taillebois and Roger Fitz Gerold, and heiress (and possibly daughter) of Thorold, Sheriff of Lincoln. He was probably born about 1105. She had the manor of Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire by the gift of her father. They had two sons, Hugh [6th Earl of Chester] and Richard. By an unknown mistress, he apparently had an illegitimate son, Robert Fitz Count. He was present at royal councils in Northampton, 1131, Westminster, 1132, and Windsor, 1132. He accepted King Stephen's accession in 1135, and attended the royal council at Westminster in 1136. In 1136 he witnessed the Oxford charter of liberties. In 1136 or 1137 he led a disastrous expedition into Wales from which he was one of the few to escape alive. In 1140 he attempted to capture Henry of Scotland and his wife on their return from King Stephen's court. The same year he surprised the city of Lincoln and manned it for the empress. The king's response was to visit Lincolnshire, where he peaceably renewed a pact with Ranulph. King Stephen left for London before Christmas, but made a surprise return during the festival to lay siege to Lincoln Castle. Ranulph managed to escape, obtained the armed assistance of his father-in-law, Robert, Earl of Gloucester, and other Angevin adherents, raised soldiers from Cheshire and Wales, and marched back to Lincoln, where his wife and half-brother were continuing to resist the siege. At the subsequent Battle of Lincoln 2 February 1141 the king was captured, and Ranulph followed up his victory with sack and slaughter in the city itself. At the Siege of Winchester in September 1141 he initially joined the queen's army, only to encounter such suspicion and hostility that he switched to the empress's camp. In 1144 he was besieged in Lincoln by the king. He met King Stephen at Stamford probably early in 1146, where he apparently renewed his fealty to the king. The king granted him royal manors in Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, and Lincolnshire, the towns of Newcastle under Lyme, and Derby, land in Grimsby, and the soke of Grantham, plus the honors of William d'Aubeny Brito (Belvoir), Roger de Bully (Tickhill), and Roger de Poitou (Lancaster, although that which lay north of the Ribble was under Scottish control). He was also confirmed in his tenure of Lincoln Castle. He duly helped Stephen to capture Bedford town and besiege Wallingford Castle in 1146, but the king and the royalist magnates remained deeply suspicious of his failure to restore revenues from royal lands and castles he had seized. He was again with the king at Northampton 29 August 1146, but his refusal to give hostages or restore royal property led to his sudden arrest and imprisonment He was released after agreeing to Stephen's terms and taking an oath not to resist the king in future, whereupon he set about trying to recover by force what he had been obliged to surrender. Subsequent campaigns led to armed confrontations with Stephen's son Eustache, and on at least two occasions, near Coventry (probably early in 1147) and Lincoln (1149), with the king himself. He did homage to David I, King of Scots at Carlisle in 1149, who granted him the honour of Lancaster (including lands north of the Ribble) in exchange for a renunciation of claims to Carlisle. In 1150, in alliance with Madog ap Maredudd, king of Powys, he prepared an attack on Owain Gwynedd, but the enterprise collapsed after defeat at Coleshill. Some time between 1149 and 1153, he made a formal agreement with Robert, Earl of Leicester, whereby each pledged to bring only twenty knights if obliged by his liege lord to fight against the other. Both earls joined the Angevin campaign in 1153. At Devizes in 1153, Henry, Duke of Normandy gave him lavish grants in the north midlands, including the estates of several royalist barons which the earl was effectively being invited to seize; Ranulph was also restored in his 'Norman inheritance,' which has been interpreted to include Breuil, the castle of Vire, and other holdings once associated with his family, together with comital status and extensive lordship in the Avranchin. During his lifetime, Ranulph founded four religious houses, including an abbey for Savignac monks at Basingwerk, Flintshire, in 1131, priories for Benedictine monks and nuns at Minting, Lincolnshire, and Chester respectively (both at uncertain dates), and, on his deathbed, a priory for Augustinian canons at Trentham, Staffordshire. RANULPH DE GERNONS, Earl of Chester, died at Gresley, Derbyshire 17 Dec. 1153, and was buried at St. Werburg's, Chester. Sometime in the period, 1153-59, his widow, Maud, with consent of her son, Hugh, gave the canons of Calke, then part of Ticknall, the church of St. Wiestan-in-Repton, Derbyshire. Probably in 1158 Queen Eleanor, wife of Henry II, gave confirmation to his widow, Maud, of her wapentake and hundred of Repton, Derbyshire. In 1172 she founded Repton Priory, Derbyshire. Maud, Countess of Chester, died 29 July 1189.
Banks Dormant & Extinct Baronage of England 1 (1807): 215-216. Hanshall Hist. of the County Palatine of Chester (1823): 19-21, 28 (ped.), 284. Coll Top. et Gen. 2 (1835): 247-249. Dugdale Monasticon Anglicanum 3 (1846): 217-218 (sub Spalding Monastery - Hugonis, primi Comitis Cestriæ et Lincolniæ.... prosapia: "... post quem successit Gernons filius ejus, qui moriens decimo sexto kalendas Januarii [17 December], jacet juxta patrem suum. successit Hugo filius ejus, qui moriens secundo kalendas Julii [30 June], jacet juxta pattern suum."); 4 (1823): (charter of Ranulph, Earl of Chester); 6(1) (1830): 410-411 (Ranulph, Earl of Chester, styled "uncle" [avunculi] by Richard Bacun), 430 ("Ranulphus dictus Gernons, comes Cestriæ, obiit xvii. kal. Januarii [16 Dec.], anno regis Stephani x-viii. Qui Ranulphus cepit Mathildem filiam Roberti comitis Gloverniæ; quæ quidem Mathildis prioratum de Repindon S. Trinitatis anno MCLXXII. decimo octavo Henrici secundi, qux Matildis obiit Augusti [29 July] anno MCLXXXIX."). Hibbert-Ware Ancient Parish Church of Manchester (1848): 16-18 (charter of Ranulph, Earl of Chester). Arch. Jour. 15 (1855): 242-246 (charter of Ranulph, Earl of Chester). Bigsby Hist. & Topog. Desc. of Repton (1854): 56-57 (charter of Maud, Countess of Chester), 57-58 (charter of Maud, Countess of Chester naming her parents, Robert, Earl of Gloucester, and Countess Mabel, and her grandfather, King Henry I), 58. Arch. Jour. 15 (1858): 242 (charter of Ranulph, Earl of Chester). Luard Annales Monastici 2 (Rolls Ser. 36) (1865): 235 Annals of Waverley sub A.D. 1153: "Rannulfus comes Cestrensis hoc anno obiit, cui successit Hugo filius ejus.'). Annual Rpt. of the Deputy Keeper 35 (1874): 7 (charter and letter of Ranulph, Earl of Chester). Ormerod Hist. of the County Palatine & City of Chester 1 (1882): 20-26 (Robert Malet styled "uncle" [avunculus] of Earl Ranulph's mother [Lucy] in charter of Henry, Duke of Normandy [afterwards King Henry II] dated c.1152). Cat. of a Selection from the Stowe MSS (1883) 10-11 (charter of Maud, Countess of Chester). Christie Annales Cestrienses, or, Chronicle of the Abbey of S. Werburg at Chester (Lancashire & Cheshire Rec. Soc. 14) (1887): 22-23 (sub A.D. 1153: "Obiit Ranulphus II. comes Cestrie."). Birch Cat. Of Seals in the British Museum 2 (1892): 380 (seal of Maud, Countess of Chester dated mid-12th Cent -Pointed oval. In tight-fitting dress and a long maunch, standing. Legend wanting.). Round Feudal England (1895). Prou & Vidier Recueil des Charles de l'Abbaye de Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire (1900-1907): 356-364 (charter of Ranulph, Earl of Chester 1147-53). C.P.R. 1399-1401 (1903): 296-297. Warner & Ellis Facsimiles of Royal & Other Charters in the British 1 (1903): #51 (charter of Hugh, Earl of Chester to his mother, Countess Maud, dated c.1162-7; charter names his father, Earl Ranulph), #52 (charter of Maud, Countess of Chester, dated c.1162-7, granted with consent of her son, Earl Hugh; charter names her aunt [amita], Empress Maud, her parents, Robert, Earl of Gloucester, and Countess Mabel, and her husband, Earl Ranulph). Jeayes Desc. Cat. of Derbyshire Charters (1906): 242-243 (charter of Maud, Countess of Chester, dated 1153-60 names her grandfather, King Henry I of England, and her parents, Robert, of Gloucester, and Countess Mabel), 244 (charter of Maud, Countess of Chester, dated c.1162-1167 names her parents, Robert, Earl of Gloucester, and Countess Mabel), 244 (Maud, Countess of Chester, styled "kinswoman" [cognata] by King Henry II of England in charter dated ?1175). Marx ed. Gesta Normannorum Ducum (1914): 331 (Guillaume de Jumièges: "Predictus autem Rannulfus comes accepit uxorem Mathildem, filiam Roberti comitis de Gloecestria, ex qua genuit duos filios, Hugonem et Ricardum.”). Farrer Early Yorkshire Charters 2 (1915): 195 (chart). Stenton Docs. illus. of the Social & Economic Hist. of the Danelaw (1920): 360-361. Farrer Honors & Knights' Fees 2 (1924)1., 34. Colls. Hist. Staffs. 1924 (1926): 30-31 (charter of Countess Maud and her son, Earl Hugh). Trans. Royal Hist. Soc. 4 Ser. 20 (1937): 103-134 (biog. of Ranulf de Gernons, Earl of Chester: "The man was haughty and proud; touchy upon the point of honour, but faithless and utterly untrammelled by any scruple in the pursuit of his ends; determined as a spoilt child to gratify his desires and ambitions."). Hatton Book of Seals (1950): 356-357 (charter of Robert Fitz Count, Constable of Chester). C.P. 3 (1913): 166-167; 4 (1916): 670 (chart), 5 (1926): 686, footnote b (sub Gloucester); 7 (1929): 677; 12(1) (1953): 274 (re. Robert Fitz Count). Barraclough Earldom & County Palatinate of Chester (1953): 57-513 (Benedict styled "brother of the Earl" in charter issued by Ranulph, 5th Earl of Chester). English Hist. Rev. 75 (1960), 654-660; 91 (1976): 555-565. Sanders English Baronies (1960): 32-33. Stenton First Cent. of English Feudalism, 1066-1166 (1961). Davis King Stephen (1967): 132-134. Patterson Earldom of Gloucester Charters (1973): 5, 171 (Appendix, No. 227: Donor: Earl William [of Gloucester]; Date: Before 1135; Beneficiary: Matilda the earl's daughter; Description: Chipping Campden (Glos.); Source: Misc. D.M. Stenton, 26). Schwennicke Europäische Stammtafeln 3(2) (1983): 354. Barraclough Charters of the Anglo-Norman Earls of Chester, c.1071-1237 (Lancashire & Cheshire Rec. Soc. 126) (1988) 81 (Richard Bacun styled "kinsman and retainer" [cognatus meus et familiaris] by Ranulph de Gernons, Earl of Chester, in charter dated 1143-44). Anglo-Norman Studies 14 (1991): 39-59. Brown Eye Priory Cartulary & Charters 2 (Suffolk Rec. Soc) (1994): 28 (Robert Malet called "uncle" of Earl Ranulph's mother in 1153 by King Henry II). Katherine Keats-Rohan Parentage of Countess Lucy made Plain,' in Prosopon Newsletter (1995): 1-3 (identifes Lucy, wife of Ranulph, 4th Earl of Chester, as daughter of Turold, Sheriff of Lincoln). Johns Noblewomen, Aristocracy & Power in the 12th Cent. Anglo-Norman Realm (2003): 88. Graeme White, `Ranulf (II), fourth earl of Chester (d. 1153)', in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004). National Archives, DL 25/36 (charter dated 1129-53 by Ranulph, Earl of Chester, addressed to his Bishop of Bangor, etc., notifying that Robert, Earl of Gloucester, gave to Maud his daughter, Countess of Chester, [Chipping] Campden [Campadene], and that he has confirmed it to her) (available at” 
Ranulph "le Meschin" (I6928)
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94 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2865)
95 Berwick, Pierce, or MeHenry, North Dakota is the right county for his birth?

Joane (Becker) Waldo's Uncle on her mother's side of her family. 
Paulson, Melvin Peter (I2675)
96 Bill

INFORMATION: Charlotte Evans Atkinson, Nebr in 1978 
Evans, William (I424)
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99 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1286)
1. Patriarchal Blessing dated 20 Nov 2011. William Cade Snegirev, b. 1 April 1998 at Longview, Cowlitz, Washington; parents Vasilisk Eftifeyevich Snegirev and Loretta Kaye Arndt.
"William Cade Snegirev, through the power of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood which I hold and as an ordained Patriarch in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I lay my hands upon your head to give unto you a Patriarchal Blessing; to assure you of the love of your Heavenly Father and of the purpose and meaning and power of your life.
As you begin this mortal ministry you have done well, you are doing so many things right. Your heart is a choice heart and your desire to do good is a choice desire. The Lord has been, is and will continue to watch over you. He is mindful of you. He knows you personally. He is your friend. He is your advocate with the Father and seeks to bless you and will bless you through all the days of your life.
You are a choice and chosen young man and have been placed here upon this earth with specific duties to perform, with a mission of great import. Your life is your mission. To live that life in tune with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its principles is to be your desire and your goal.
The Lord will bless you to live a life of great meaning and to live a life of impact.
I bless you with wisdom. I bless you with compassion.
You have been blessed and I bless you with a gentle heart, with a kind and gentle spirit.
I bless you with the ability to counsel and direct.
I bless you with patience that you may feel compassion for those who do not have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives.
I bless you with that strength of character that you will need to deal with those both and in and outside the church who have lost their way and that through your gentle loving spirit you will be able to reach out to them and pull them back and bind them to you as friends not just in this life but for all eternity that they will call your name blessed.
I bless you with insight into those who are hurting and those who are afraid and your sweet and gentle spirit will be as a refreshing breeze on a hot day, as a healing balm of Gilead binding up the wounds of those who have been hurt and tormented by the challenges of this world. You will be a friend to many. You will be a counselor to many. I bless you that you will counsel in wisdom that you will be able to feel the Spirit of the Lord in your life and that you will be directed by that Spirit.
I bless you that as you attend the temple; study your scriptures, have your personal prayers and do those things that you know to do; that as you fast and draw closer to your Heavenly Father that your testimony will grow to a certain knowledge of the truthfulness of the Gospel and I bless you that you will be able to bear testimony with power before your mission, on your mission and after your mission, throughout all your life that the Holy Ghost will be with you and will drive your words into the hearts and minds of those you teach. You will be a leader in your mission, make no mistake about that, you will set an example of integrity and faithfulness to others. Leadership is not about titles. Leadership is about how you live your life; the integrity, the honesty and the durability that you have.
I bless you with that durability that will allow you to be resilient to the afflictions of this world; that you will be able to overcome the adversary, that you will be able to put every challenge and temptation behind you and move forward in the Gospel to be the husband and the father and the grandfather, the man in Zion that the Lord intended for you to be.
I bless you that you will bring great honor to your parents because of the life that you will lead.
I bless you with the ability to reach out to family members and to bind those family members to you and to be a uniting force in your family both for those who are living; those who will be coming to this earth and those who are no longer here. That you will use the temples which shall be upon the earth to unite your family. You will be able to use kind and understanding words to overcome injury. I bless you that you will be the individual that family members turn to when they need help, particularly spiritual help and spiritual guidance that you will be respected that you will be honored and that your companionship will be sought after and treasured.
Thou art of a choice and chosen lineage. Thou art of Ephraim. You are here to help in the Gathering of Israel and you will be an effective emissary for the Lord for that purpose. The Lord will watch over you and He will bless you and He will help you and He will answer your prayers and as you turn to Him you will feel an easing of the pressures of the world.
As you choose your career understand this; that you have the ability and the intelligence and the capability to be successful in the career that you choose and you will feel the Lord blessing you in this, helping you to remember the things that you need to remember and helping you to forget those things that are of a hurtful nature. That you will be able to focus on the good in yourself in your heart and in your life and in the Gospel and in others. That you will be blessed to be a happy person and a person that is here upon this earth to lift others.
I bless you that as you seek an eternal companion to go to the temple with that you will be guided by your Heavenly Father and I bless you that in your marriage that there will be great love existing between you and your wife.
I bless you that you will thirst for greater knowledge from the scriptures. I bless you with a love of the scriptures; that you will draw closer to your Heavenly Father, that you will be someone that people can turn to for gospel answers and answers to their questions.
I bless you that as a father you will come to be beloved by your children and as a grandfather that you will know great joy and rejoicing through your influence on those whom you will come to love and whom you loved before the creation of this earth and claim them as your own throughout the eternities of time.
I bless you with faith I bless you with the gift of discernment that you will be readily able to distinguish between truth and error. I bless you that the Lord will ever watch over you and be with you seeking to bless your life in every way that you are willing to have it blessed.
I seal these blessing upon your head until that glorious day when you feel once again the arms of the Savior around you and hear those blessed words, "Well done my good and faithful friend and servant." I do this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."
Brian Dirk McNair, Stake Patriarch
Wasilla Alaska Stake"

2. A short biography of Cade's scouting experience as was used in his posthumous application for the BSA "Spirit of the Eagle" award submitted 29 Jun 2014:
"Cade joined the Cub Scouts on his eighth birthday. It was something he had looked forward to his whole young life. Cade loved the adventure and early on was a boy that his pack looked to for guidance. Cade earned his Arrow of Light and was proud to wear it when he crossed over into Boy Scouts.
Cade was a true adventurer. He absolutely loved anything and everything outdoors. If there was a bike ride, campout, or hike, Cade was the first to volunteer. Cade's excitement was contagious and he led the way in having a good time. Cade was a gatherer and always made room for "one more." Cade excelled at "high adventure" hikes. He completed "The Bomber" glacier trail and a 26-mile hike on two occasions. He completed the Crow Pass hike which was 24 miles one way. Cade loved the Alaskan Freezeree camps and was awarded the "best shelter" for his Wilderness Survival merit badge.
Cade had completed 17 merit badges: Space Exploration, Wilderness Survival, Cooking, Painting, Tracking, Pioneering, Finger Printing, Swimming, Carpentry, Life Saving, First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, Cycling, Communication, Environmental Science, Aviation, and Engineering.
Completed, but not signed off, Automotive, Bird Study, Animal Science, Mammal Studies, Home Repairs, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the World, Fly Fishing, Camping, and Water Sports.
Cade was also very active in 4-H and was raising a reindeer at the time of his death. Cade worked at Pyrah's Farm and for Joe Lentz. Cade was a trumpet player for the Palmer High School Jazz Band.
Cade looked forward to his Eagle Project and had kicked around several ideas. He wanted something that would be of use to our community. He had decided that he wanted to create a bridge/water decking over the swamp area that lead to his favorite swimming hole at Matanuska Lake. Cade had received contact information from Dr. Hawkins, as to who to call for approval. He was excited about this and felt like it would make this area of the lake much safer and accessible for families.
Cade loved the scouting program. He was without a doubt a leader in our group. The boys and leaders alike loved him, looked to him, and now, miss him. Cade's loss has been heartbreaking. Cade was a handsome 6ft tall kid, but that was no match for the beauty on the inside. Cade loved. Cade served. Cade worked and played and represented everything that is good in the Boy Scouts of America! Thank you for your consideration in his behalf and in behalf of his family."

1. Adopted through LDS Social Services through laws of the States of Alaska and Washington. Birth parents Thomas Paul Ercanbrack of Mapleton, Utah and Alene Speer, b. 22 Aug 1979 at Livermore, California (dau. of Allen Speer and Merlene Sorensen and wife of John "Tyler" Root, m. 14 May 2005 at Salt Lake City Temple). Half-siblings are Bailey Nava Root, b. 12 Aug 2008 at Murray, Utah, and Waylon Elijah Root, b. 10 Oct 2011 at West Jordan, UT. Tyler was previously married with a child named Caiden Isaac Root, b. 27 Oct 1999 at Salt Lake City. Tyler Root, b. 11 Apr 1977 in California.

1. The newspaper "Anchorage Daily News," Feb. 7, 2014, p. B-4:
"Our beloved son, brother, and beautiful boy, William Cade Snegirev, 15 passed away at Providence Hospital in Anchorage, AK on January 31st 2014. Cade was born April 18th, 1998 in Longview WA, and was raised in Palmer AK.
Cade accomplished so much in his short life. He was an avid reader and loved outdoor high adventure. He loved Palmer Alaska and was home on the "Butte". At 12 Cade hiked 23 miles through the Bomber Glacier Trail. He traveled through Europe and the Holy Land with his grandparents in 2011. In Israel he was able to gather olive leaves in the garden of Gethsemane, because of this experience he gained a testimony of the Savior and his Atoning sacrifice. Cade ran his first marathon in Anchorage last year, placing 3rd in his age division. He was a member of the Pioneer Peak 4-H Club and had raised many animals, including a grand champion reindeer. Cade was a sophomore at Palmer High School, where he played the trumpet in the Jazz band. He loved math, music and learning which lead to his love of architecture and engineering.
Cade had many good friends and was happiest when he was with his buddies. He was a gatherer, everyone felt they had something in common with Cade. He loved his family and his brother and sisters adored him. His kindness and gentle heart was unmatched.
Cade was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He took his priest hood responsibilities seriously and served with honor. He loved scouting and was working towards his Eagle.
Through our faith and sure knowledge of Christ's plan, we know that we will see our darling boy again.
Cade is survived by his parents, William and Lori Snegirev; brother, Heath; sisters, Cullen , Haylee, Avi and Ellery; birth mother, Alene Root; grandparents, Jane and Kerry Petersen; grandmother, Dorothy Arndt; great grandparents, Jack and Irene Petersen; numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.
He was preceded in death by his grandfather, Gale William Arndt.
Funeral services will be held at the LDS Palmer Chapel on 02/08/2014, at 10 a.m."

Snegirev, William Cade (I3267)

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